From April 29th until May 18th, Giant Robot 2 welcomes back Mike Lee with another show of his unmistakable oils on paper, mylar and canvas. Rebound continues the body of work from his previous solo with the Los Angeles-based gallery, Repose, and is in particular focused on love.

Using the softness of oil as a major feature, his monochromatic images feature faceless and featureless characters in various settings. For this particular exhibition, Lee focused on feelings of ambiguity, reliance, longing, and hope, as a reaction to his personal experiences in the past year. From tiny pieces on paper to large canvas compositions, his works portray emotions and relationships between subjects through subtle postures and a light & shadow effect. Stripped of any earthly restrictions, his characters are captured in weird interactions, mid air, balancing stacked on top each other, or solitary, while going after their everyday errands. A fine filter that gives the images dimmed, foggy effect further adds to the overall poetic feel of the work.

Lee graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and currently lives on the East Coast working in animation and creating distinctive, mostly small scale artworks.

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