After many international projects and murals, Bezt from Etam Cru recently got a chance to paint a mural in his homeland. The result is this peaceful yet intriguing piece titled Blue Monday in Bielsko Biała, in the south of Poland.

Choosing a very limited color palette, mostly consisting of different shades of blues and purples, the Polish artist painted this four story tall image of a woman carrying a lush flower pot for the “oBBraz miasta # 4” project organized by the Bielska Gallery Foundation and Bielsko BWA Gallery. Following the ridge on the side of an old Art Nouveau structure and nicely blending his imagery in with the building’s ornamental elements, the composition utilizes the white negative space as the background for this effective piece. The leaves of Swiss Cheese Plant form different shading effects on the main character as well as between each other. The organic shapes are further juxtaposed with sharp geo patterns on woman’s dress which adds an almost surreal-like feel to the quiet image.

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