One of the more epic happenings this past summer was held by Tom Sachs at New York City’s remote Governor’s Island. Entitled NikeCraft: Mars Yard 2.0, the event saw the American artist reunite with Nike to create a “Space Camp” to train participants in the art of visiting space through the lens of the renowned “D.I.Y.” master. This latest chapter of Mr. Sachs’ unique take on space travel and its missions into the unexplored frontiers of the cosmos brings the viewer back to square one – training for your “Hero’s Journey.”

Fulfilling many adolescent dreams of participating in space camp, Sachs took over a meticulously designed compound in which participants were outfitted in custom Nike gear designed by the artist prior to starting a rigorous training program designed to prepare one for the stresses and complex intricacies of a real life Mission to Mars¬†(covered). No detail was spared, from the check in & badging process to a short introductory movie. The next step was to enter the locker facility decked out in Nike Space camp gear and to start the drone training program. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as you also went through gravity/strength training, creative problem solving to an extraterrestrial paintball shooting range. All these phases attest to the amazing attention to detail which Sachs presented in his latest artistic endeavor.

Also impressive were his hand silkscreened crew bags given to participants and even a new 2.0 space sneaker that was designed by Sachs solely for this event. A definite treat for one’s inner astronaut if you were lucky enough to make it to this amazing exhibition.

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