On the 1st of February, Vroom &Varossieau Urban Contemporary Art in Amsterdam will be presenting the first Dutch show of the collaborative works by French artists L’Atlas and Tanc. After working side by side for more than 15 years, Substances will introduce the unique union of color and contrast, and the juxtaposition of Tanc’s expressive visual language against L’Atlas’ strict structures.

On view from the 1st of February until the 17th of March, this exhibition is fully focused on the harmony of their distinctive styles within their collaborative works. Giving total equality to each other, both artists have a chance to fully express themselves and their creative process through each piece, giving observers a glimpse into their individual minds. Broken into fractions through L’Atlas recognizable grids, the finished pieces capture the tension between randomness and continuous control, unifying the expressiveness of Tanc’s graffiti influence with the strictness of L’Atlas’ calligraphy work.

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