On 21st of January, Vroom and Varossieau in Amsterdam opened a solo exhibition by Belgium street artist and urban interventionist Jaune. I Wish You Could See This For Real includes a series of new stencil-based pieces along with site specific installation that the artist created in the gallery.

Using sanitation workers as his main characters, his work is always focused on the paradox between the visible and the invisible. The inspiration for the work comes from Jaune’s own experience while working in the profession. While cleaning the street of his hometown, he noticed that despite obvious fluorescent clothing and uniform these workers existed only as the background of urban environment, almost invisible to the average person. Taking this idea as the main concept for his art, he carefully picks the spots for placing characters in public and getting them involved in various humorous situations. Instead intervening with existing urban setting, his gallery work features whole scenes which allows him to create even more bizarre scenarios. Mixing stencils, graffiti elements, painting and photography, Jaune plays with perspective while creating a world that fits his characters and giving them well their deserved moment of fame.

Photo credit: Peter Baas.