Stik’s simple portrayal of super-flat characters in the realms of the street has been effectively used to portray a variety of emotions in those few simple lines, addressing such issues and themes as race, homelessness, poverty, acceptance and belonging. When it comes to an unconventional artist like Stik, how does his work translate into a gallery setting? Perhaps the first thing to consider is an unconventional gallery space.

Single is Stik’s current solo show in the underground location of Subway Gallery, located in London’s Edgware Road. The space is a time capsule of futuristic retro wrapped in a sleek 1967 stainless steel and glass case – originally built as a retail outlet for a once busy underpass in the now-named Joe Strummer Subway. Stik’s work translates remarkably well into this gallery setting, and his considered approach to his light-boxes positioned in each of the gallery’s alcoved short walls lends itself towards an enjoyable site specific installation. Stik’s characters adorn the subway walls adjacent to the gallery in the form of a large mural, and the amount of glazing to the structure allows for multiple planes of characters to be visible either immediately, or reflected in the glass. In addition to the light-boxes; original paintings, prints and photographs occupy the space as well as a series of small canvases already sold out, but as we hear, Stik will be live-painting more of these super-affordable artworks in the gallery on each Saturday that the exhibition runs.

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