Rutger Brandt Gallery in Amsterdam is currently showing the first solo show by the Anna Bittersohl in the Netherlands. You Grow in Your Garden marks the continuation of the her interests in observations and memories as the base for human existence and the truth.

Through her recent work, Bittersohl developed a more unrestricted visual language that deconstructs the elements that form her images, mostly inspired by the ways that environment and present life affects the way we remember the past. From small picture of berries seen as secret treasures during her childhood, to complex landscape-based compositions, her oils are mostly based on personal experiences and impressions, and focused on the ways those are transformed with time. Through these vibrant, textured and highly expressive pieces, the artist shows how our focus can shift to certain parts of an event or person we’re trying to remember, how the seemingly insignificant background elements can overlap with the main picture, and how colors, shapes or perspectives can be altered due to variety of influences. The idea of uncertainty and mystery is further accented through use of dimmed shades of green, purple or blue, and the hues created by layering and mixing those on canvas. The gallery is planning on showing Bittersohl’s work for the first time in US, during VOLTA NY in March 2018.