Elian Chali currently has a solo show on display at BC Gallery in Berlin where he is presenting his latest body of abstract work. With these new pieces, the Argentinian artist is exploring the limitations and possibilities of minimalism by playing with formats, shapes, vivid colors and even the method of presenting his work.

With Molestia, Chali has set strict limitations for his practice and work process, taking the minimalist approach to new heights. Mixing organic and geo-based shapes with vibrant primarily colors, and playing with multiple positions of viewing, his new works are subtly entering the sculptural realm. Even the shadows of his paintings are becoming part of the artwork, further blending in with its surroundings. In that sense, he is experimenting with custom forms, absence of surface, and interpolation of elements, creating sharp pieces that have a strong dialog with the exhibiting space. From small, custom shaped pieces in single solid colors, to larger works that occupy three different surfaces of the gallery, Chali is developing fresh concepts within a very limited space.