Currently in Lisbon, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils (interviewed) has a show on view at Galeria Vera Cortes entitled Intrínseco. Continuing his use of unconventional materials and mark-making techniques, the Portuguese artist has prepared eight pieces of work consisting of suspended transparent PVC sheets featuring portraits and visual elements from locales around the world where he has traveled.

He further states – “Intrínseco is a reflection on our surface. That which is opaque and that which is transparent. What allows us to see and what allows us to absorb or be absorbed. The constant flow of infuences in this day and age, in which none of the things that form us, makes us be. The emptiness of what constitutes us and forms us. The reflection of a global world that gives us so much yet in the end makes us transparent and leaves us confused. Thee accumulation of layers that try to form us ends up deforming us. From collectivism to individualism. Of the visceral and its relativity. Of what we renounce in the name of our comfort.”

Photo credit: DN, raqueltorres92, and the artist.
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