On view since Aug 18th, Peter Chan’s solo exhibition will be closing on September 5th over at Giant Robot 2 in LA. As his second solo show with the gallery, Jelly Time includes a new series of works that play with the idea of jelly’s transparency and its interaction with different elements.

Chan started experimenting with these type of images a couple of years ago, constructing his pieces from traditional Asian elements and his childhood memories. Incorporating everything from goldfish, different types of warrior-like characters and Kaiju figurines, to urban kids from the Western world, he creates fantastical, surrealist scenarios that often capture a dynamic action. With jelly as the main subject taking the forms of a key, a boat, or just immersing the entire scene inside of itself, it’s the interaction of colors and shades that make these pieces challenging for the artist. By using a color pencil for line work and Copic markers for fillings, the Los Angeles-based artist achieves the desired vibrancy in his work, while keeping the silky softness of the edges.

He will be having some new works on panels in a group show overseas in October, as he continues with his studio practice along with the work as a visual developer at Sony Pictures.