This Saturday (December 1st), Giant Robot 2 will be opening another iteration of their long running annual show featuring artists creating works on Post-It notes (or some approximation of those ubiquitous sticky notes). Curated by Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson & Eric Nakamura (interviewed), Post It Show 14 will feature over 400 artists and 3,000+ art pieces. The gallery will open from 12:00-2:45 PM for collectors to preview the works but please understand that it’s first come first serve when the show opens at 3pm and there are probably already people lining up right now.

Take a look below at a few of the pieces (including from Audrey Kawasaki above) that we have our eyes on this year and also head over to Instagram for an early preview.

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Stella Im Hultberg


Yoskay Yamamoto



Deth P. Sun


Seonna Hong




Gary Baseman