Depending on how you liked the ending of Game of Thrones that aired last night, this may or may not be good timing on Alex Gross’¬†(interviewed) part with his latest print release. The editions on offer are Obsession & Valar Morghulis, the first filled with more recently alive characters from the popular show and the second with different characters that did not survive as long, with the blue eyes seen on people who have turned into wights. The compositions mirror some of the Los Angeles-based artist’s signature paintings with the characters lined up in a crowd holding a drink, treat, or snack (and in Bran’s case, a cellphone).

The signed and numbered (edition of 250 + 40 AP’s) prints are both sized at 26″ x 24″ and will cost you $199. Head over here on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 8am PDT if you want to add these to your collection.

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