We start our roundup off this week with a tribute mural for Maurice Sendak from the PDB crew on Melrose in Los Angeles, You can see more photos on  Melrose & Fairfax for those who want a closer look. Other walls worth looking include pieces from Escif (Spain/Morocco), Vhils (France), Blo x Jaw (Australia), Jef Aerosol (Belgium), Isaac Cordal (Belgium), Chazme x Nawer (Poland), Carl Cashman (UK), M-City (Finland), Zilda (Italy), Saner & Aryz (Mexico), Mobstr (UK), Shida x Nychos (Austria), La Pandilla (Mexico), Jaz (Baltimore), Sten & Lex (Baltimore), DALeast (Israel), Faith47 (Israel), and Lush.

All photos via the artists otherwise specified.

Escif - ENTROPIA in Melilla, Spain / Morocco.

Vhils in Paris.

Blo & Jaw (Da Mental Vaporz crew) in Melbourne. Photo via Streetartnews.

Jef Aerosol - "Jimi Hendrix" in Belgium.

Isaac Cordal - "Waiting for Climate Change" in Belgium.

Chazme x Nawer in Poznan, Poland. Photo via Streetartnews.

Carl Cashman in London. Photo by HowAboutNo! on flickr.

M-City in Pori, Finland.

Zilda - "L'Annunciazione" in Naples.

Aryz & Saner in Mexico City. Photo via Streetartnews.

Mobstr in London. Photo by HowAboutNo! on flickr.

Nychos x Shida (Austria).

La Pandilla in Mexico. Photo via Streetartnews.

Jaz for Open Walls Baltmiore. Photo via Vandalog.

Sten & Lex for Open Walls Baltimore.

DALeast in Israel.

Faith47 (Israel)