Coming up on August 13th, Dave Persue will be bringing his series of paintings utilizing MTA “WET PAINT” signs as a canvas to China. Wet Paint Shanghai will feature the New York-based artist’s work as well as those of his collaborators, many of which share his background in graffiti and love for the New York’s subway train system as inspiration. Participants including Eric HAZE, REVOLT, WANE, 123KLAN (SCIEN & KLOR), WOW123, RATH, XEME, JAYFLOW, Mike Giant, CARATOES, Tristan Eaton, HASLR, DEZIO, CAN2, PANDEMIC, KEO, MAST, SPOT, Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins (seen above), YOK, SHERYO, CHING, BATES, GOREY, CLAW, BRISK, BODE, YOSHI147, ALIEN RACE, Dave Kinsey, SINIC, VIGA, MORE, TIN, SHALA, and WHYYY were sent signs to paint that he physically had to procure in the subways of NYC. Purchase tickets to the show here.






Mike Giant


Dave Kinsey