Showing since the beginning of summer, Still Blue Skies at Direktorenhaus in Berlin features a new collection of paintings and sculptures from Casey Gray. Taking a cue from 17th century Dutch and Flemish masters, the mainly acrylic spray paint and fluid acrylic on panel pieces from the San Francisco-based artist are multi-layered, full of color, and reveals a deft touch with the trompe l’oeil technique – “a metaphor and coping mechanism for the superficiality and disillusion of the digital age.” Created with everyday objects and “artifacts mined from the depths of the artist’s psyche,” the paintings are modern takes on still lifes and oftentimes includes clever surreal touches like loosely creating the outlines of other shapes with his subject matter or including painted tears that reveal a pattern behind. The exhibition is rounded out with his signature wavy wood sculptures, again focused on commonplace objects made almost cartoon-like and playing with optical illusion-like effects. Presented along with Johanssen Gallery, the show will be on view until September 22nd.

Photo credit: The artist, @markschoening, and @divine__order.
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