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Preview: Evan Hecox – “The Last Thousand Years” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This is a show that we’ve been waiting patiently for. Evan Hecox is finally visiting New York and taking over the entire Joshua Liner Gallery. Only Tomokazu Matsuyama (covered) and AIKO (covered) has been bold enough to create a large enough body of work which utilizes the entire gallery space. Known for eye-catching urban landscapes of various locales around the world, Evan has a knack for bringing even the most mundane places to life. For his first solo with the gallery, Evan’s focus will be of […]

Teaser: Shepard Fairey “Supply & Demand” @ Warhol Museum

A few weeks ago, the Boston ICA closed it’s doors on the record breaking “Supply & Demand” retrospective (covered) for Shepard Fairey. In case you missed the announcement here on AM, there still will be 2 more stops for this amazing show – first at the Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh) and then at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati). So, the next stop is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the home town of Andy Warhol and at none other than the Warhol Museum. In preparation […]

Teaser: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian Gallery (NYC)

Takashi Murakami has been a busy boy. With exhibitions already planned at Emmanuel Perrotin (here) this month and Palace of Versailles (here) in 2010, it seems that Takashi wants to make sure that the “big apple” is not forgotten. The legendary Gagosian Gallery in New York will play host to an exhibition from September 17th – October 24th with a new body of work. This gorgeous painting being worked on looks to be a combo of Murakami’s famed “727-272” and his skulls we saw at his Brooklyn Museum […]

Interviews/Preview: Dan Baldwin – “Disillusion” @ Carmichael Gallery

Over the past few years Dan Baldwin has established himself as one of the notable artists in the UK’s new contemporary art scene. A distinct voice in a landscape full of artists whose works are often too similar to distinguish, Dan has proven himself to be fresh and somewhat unique. It’s great to see him traveling to the US for his first solo exhibition, “Disillusion,” opening Thursday, September 10 at Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles. AM sat down for a chat with the man himself. […]

Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck – Michael Jordan

Check out the latest Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck collaboration of the king of hoops: Michael Jordan. Shepard is picking up where he left off last year with his Purple/Gold Kobe Bryant “MVP” print. As with the Kobe x UD x Fairey print, this will most likely be released only through Upper Deck’s website and will most likely be signed by BOTH Shep and MJ. We’ll keep you posted once more info is released. What mega athlete should Upper Deck and Shepard do next? How about one […]

Update: Faile @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery (2010)

Apparently Faile wasn’t kidding around when they signed with Perry Rubenstein Gallery in their backyard of New York City. With a slated solo show coming in 2010, the NYC artist collective seems to be heads-down working on a fresh batch goodies. We found some fresh images of the elusive Faile Boxes and canvases created this year. Check out the Nixon-Bunny image (above)! Is this a hint of what’s coming for the 2010 show in NYC or are these for the FIAC art fair? If so, […]

Venue Change: Philip Lumbang – “Hug Life” (Warehouse Pop-Up Show)

One thing that’s constant in life is that most things are not constant. That’s what Philip Lumbang just shared with us. Just after we previewed Phil’s upcoming pop-up show last week, the Los Angeles Fire Marshall made a pop-up visit of his own to the remote warehouse location of the “would-be” show and decided to revoke the permits necessary for the event to occur. No worries, the show is definitely still happening on Saturday, September 12th as Phil pulled his back-up card and relocated to an even snazzier location. The […]

Teaser: Yumiko Kayukawa “Wild Wild East”@ Shooting Gallery

After a successful showing at Joshua Liner Gallery (covered), Yumiko Kayukawa hops over to the west coast to hit up Shooting Gallery for her next conquest – “Wild Wild East.” The November 14th show is a whiles away, but we thought you’d drool over this bad-ass little teaser. Discuss Yumiko Kayukawa here.

Second Helpings: August 2009

Summer makes way for the Fall as August comes to a close. It was month packed with juicy stories for our readers. Just to make sure you don’t miss anything, AM brings you another edition of Second Helpings. Get served after the jump.

Preview: Sylvia Ji – “Nectar” @ StolenSpace

Recently we teased you with a shot from Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) studio for her upcoming show “Nectar” at StolenSpace. Now, we bring you a closer look as her UK debut on September 3rd draws near. As the title of the show implies, “Nectar” focuses more on the sublime expressions of lust and love. The color palette seems lighter and will use more gold leaf detailing much like the Baroque-style artwork that we observed from her last show – Haute Epoch. If you’re in London, be sure to stop […]