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Teaser: “The Thousands” Group Exhibition @ Village Underground

Compile a list of the most important international street artists historically and contemporaneously and chances are, the names you have chosen are included in “The Thousands,” the most expansive street art exhibition to hit London this year. The show has been organized by AM’s friend RJ of Vandalog and aims to celebrate the achievements of street artists around the world and aid in solidifying their rightful place in art history. Set in the main atrium of Village Underground, “The Thousands” will open November 18th and run through November 22nd. A companion book will be published by Drago Lab to commemorate […]

FAME Festival: Ericailcane

Ericailcane, one of the stars of last year’s event, has returned to FAME Festival (our coverage here). This newly finished mural is very touching and is an interesting continuation of Blu’s statement about the pollution that has devastated Grottaglie in recent years. As director Angelo Milano informed AM, one of the festival’s primary goals is “to attract attention to some very filthy moves by the town politicians, who have installed a huge (and constantly growing) special wastes dump on our territory. Trash is coming all the way […]

Fame Festival: Blu and David Ellis (Part II)

We told you at the beginning of the week that Blu and David Ellis were hard at work on their newest animated video in Grottaglie as part of their participation in FAME Fest (coverage here.) Additional images of the pair’s work have just been released. We mentioned previously that we were looking forward to the result of their partnership; these pictures certainly indicate that it is going to be something very, very special.

Preview: Nuart Festival 2009

AM is very excited about Nuart 2009, one of the most celebrated annual street art festivals. Based in Stavanger, Norway, it has attracted some of the world’s finest over the years, including Herakut (07, 08) (interviewed), Chris Stain (interviewed) (08), Blek le Rat (07, 08), D*Face (06, 07, 08), Eine (07, 08), Slinkachu (07), Know Hope (interviewed) (08), Word To Mother (interviewed) (07, 08), Dotmasters (06, 07, 08), Logan Hicks (interviewed) (07), Nick Walker (interviewed) (06, 07, 08), M-City (07), Sten and Lex (08) and […]

FAME Festival: Blu & David Ellis

The great Italian street artist Blu has finally made his mark at FAME Fest (see AM’s coverage here). Few possess the faculty or ingenuity to manipulate their surroundings quite like him to create a work of art. The piece above was created both for the festival and for an animated film that Blu and David Ellis are currently working on. We love the films these artists have created in the past and are very excited to see their collaborative effort. See images of David Ellis’ work in […]

Streets: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins has sent us images of his new work from the BELEF Festival in Belgrade. The annual summer arts event, which focuses on the power of contemporary art, theatre and music in public space, aims to counter the closing down of local museums and dwindling attendance at gallery shows, and promote the European city’s potential as a cultural metropolis. More images after the jump…

Preview/Setup: Chris Stain and Armsrock – “I Know There Is Love” @ Ad Hoc Art

Two of the most original voices working in street and gallery settings today, Chris Stain and Armsrock, have what looks to be an outstanding show coming up at Ad Hoc Art this Friday, August 7th. Both artists capture moments of hope and dignity in urban life without romanticizing the challenges and despair. We are very impressed with their new work and the installation they are currently preparing in the gallery. Take a look at all the setup pics as well as a nice video after the jump…

Interviews: Know Hope

When we were passed this fantastic interview between our friend Thomas Dunlap and Know Hope, we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. The conversation took place during Know Hope’s recent LA solo show at Carmichael Gallery, “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)“ (covered) and provides some insight into the artist’s creative process and the symbolism in his work.

FAME Festival: Sam3

We are always happy to see more photos from FAME Fest. Here is a new selection of pieces by Sam3. Check out that great Ericailcane piece from last year’s event peeking out from under the arch as he works! We love this beautiful monastery that the artists have been painting in; it really makes the work come alive. Read the rest of our coverage of FAME Fest here. More pics after the jump.

Video: Hera – “I was asking myself…”

Hera of Herakut (interviewed) just posted this new video to her blog on Juxtapoz. She made it with Rusk of Maclaim. We love Hera here at AM and can hardly imagine a more artistic blog post. Discuss Hera here.