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Releases: Scratching The Surface Book

AM has just received news of a special event taking place at Lazarides’ Greek Street Shop on Friday, July 31st. To mark the closure of “Scratching The Surface”, Vhils’ successful solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone place (covered here and here), a special limited edition book of the same name will be released, as well as three Laz-exclusive hand-finished prints. Each of the full color, 80 page books has been signed by Vhils. We love the laser-cut front cover and look forward to taking a peek at […]

Art Focus: Alexandros Vasmoulakis

AM is a big fan of Alexandros Vasmoulakis. Although he currently resides in Berlin, the young Greek artist dominates the urban skyline of his hometown Athens with enormous murals on the city’s high rise buildings. We love the blend of street and pop surrealist qualities in Alexandros’ work and his sharp use of color to create a sensation of movement. The scale on which he works and his ability to incorporate his pieces into their environment is very impressive. More images after the jump…

FAME Festival: Mark Jenkins, Sam3, and Vhils

Mark Jenkins is shaking things up at FAME Festival (covered here). AM’s favorite tape sculptor has grabbed Grottaglie’s attention with an impressive installation on one of the town’s characteristically charming buildings.  As director Angelo Milano describes it, “Everybody was cool and smiling, including the old lady screaming, “Ggiovine!?! Ggiovvine!! Ascinne!” (English: “Hey boy!?! Hey boy!! Get down!”)

Streets: WK Interact in NYC

AM continues to be blown away by the explosive power of WK Interact. For “Motion Portrait,” his current show at Jonathan Levine Gallery (covered), the Frenchman created a series of pieces entitled “Twelve Angry Men.” These works personify the prejudice, turmoil and conflict experienced in the classic play and film. In his recent video press conference, WK hinted that he would be taking his portraits out on the streets. We are very happy to report that he has remained true to his word. Not only do we agree […]

Video: Vhils – “Scratching The Surface”

AM has been very impressed by Vhils’ first UK solo show “Scratching The Surface“, which recently opened at Lazarides Rathbone Place. A video has just been released which documents the artist’s process of installation in the gallery. It’s great to see more footage of Alexandre taking his hammer and chisel to the wall to carve out his exquisite portraits. See the video here. Discuss this show here. Discuss Vhils here.