Mark Jenkins is shaking things up at FAME Festival (covered here). AM’s favorite tape sculptor has grabbed Grottaglie’s attention with an impressive installation on one of the town’s characteristically charming buildings.  As director Angelo Milano describes it, “Everybody was cool and smiling, including the old lady screaming, “Ggiovine!?! Ggiovvine!! Ascinne!” (English: “Hey boy!?! Hey boy!! Get down!”)

We were very amused by this photo of Jenkins’ tape man en route from the FAME workshop to the town center. We imagine people were just as confused by this mini-installation as the intended set-up.

Sam3 has also hit up Grottaglie in the past week with some beautiful walls and pottery. His graceful silhouettes translate very well to ceramics.

So far we have seen the work of Conor Harrington, Lucy McLauchlan, Dave Kinsey, Sam3 and Mark Jenkins. We are now very excited to find out what Vhils will produce. The Portuguese artist has just arrived in town following his successful solo outing at Lazarides Rathbone Place (covered). Here is a teaser of what is to come.

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