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Baby Tattooville ’14 / Interviews: Tara McPherson

New York-based artist Tara McPherson spent some time talking with AM while she got ready for this year’s Baby Tattooville. She is best known for her paintings featuring women in mysterious settings, but is also widely regarded for her screen printing and has even been called “The Crown Princess of Rock Posters” by Elle Magazine. She explains how being a mother has changed her daily schedule, how she has moved on from the fire that destroyed her home and how she beats an artistic funk. […]

Baby Tattooville ’14 / Interviews: Bob Dob

AM recently got the chance to catch up with California based pop surrealist & art professor Bob Dob while he was preparing this year’s Baby Tattooville (other interviews here). Bob uses an illustrative, retro style to capture feelings of optimism tapered with cynical images to capture strange moments with a cast of recurring characters (most notably the red devil Luey). Questions and answers below… Arrested Motion (AM): Tell me about your history with Baby Tattooville? What are you most excited about? Bob Dob (BD): I was […]

Baby Tattooville ’14 / Interviews: Brom

Washington State based artist Brom is a legend in the fantasy world, with art work in movies, games and books.  His latest book Krampus, the Yule Lord was released in April of this year and he is coming off of recent appearances at Emerald City Con and Fantasy Con. AM recently got the chance to talk with him while he was preparing for this year’s Baby Tattooville about things like his experiences working on Van Helsing, how living in the Pacific Northwest affects his work and who he […]

Baby Tattooville ’14 / Interviews: Eric Fortune

With Baby Tattooville coming up in a couple weeks (see associated museum show), we’ll be bringing you some interviews with the participating artists. First up is another Q&A session (see 2009) between AM and Eric Fortune. Severe angles contrasted by a hazy atmosphere are the hallmarks of the Columbus, Ohio based artist’s work. He was recently featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose, and he is coming off recent shows at Copro Gallery, Gallery Nucleus and Roq La Rue. Check out the full interview below, but be […]

Openings: Jenny Morgan – “The Golden Hour” @ Plus Gallery

AM was on hand for Jenny Morgan’s 13th solo, The Golden Hour, at Denver’s Plus Gallery. The buzz around the exhibition was palpable with Morgan being on the cover of the August issue of Juxtapoz. The fact that this is a homecoming of sorts (she studied art at The Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design and had interned at the gallery) made the show even more high energy. When viewing the eight new works, the most marked change is a color palette relying more on yellow, orange and red gradients to […]

Openings: Bruno Novelli – “Materia Radiante” @ David B. Smith Gallery

Last Thursday, AM was on hand for the opening of Materia Radiante featuring new works from Brazilian artist Bruno Novelli at Denver’s David B. Smith Gallery. Inspired by the philosophy of Henri Bergson and the imagery of the Amazon rainforest, Mr. Novelli used punchy colors and contrasting geometric shapes to explore the concept of the diminishing boundaries between objects and their environment. The size and audacity of the art are striking, making the gallery feel as if it is being overtaken by otherworldly vegetation. The show incorporates a […]

Openings: Souther Salazar & Tobias Fike – “Today is the Day” & “Then and Now and Then” @ David B. Smith Gallery

Forsaking his adopted hometown of Portland for several weeks, Souther Salazar traveled to Denver in order to bring a new installation to life at the David B. Smith Gallery. Working onsite, he created a snow covered landscape full of sloth like creatures ensnared in conflict with a thin tongued beast rising out of a colorful pool. Titled Today is the Day, it includes all of the signature Salazar elements including his color palate and the feeling of boundless imagination. Despite the violent motif, the piece […]

Openings: Max Kauffman – “Aether Ceremony” @ Black Book Gallery

Oakland based artist Max Kauffman made the trek back to his former home town of Denver, Colorado for his solo show Aether Ceremony at Black Book Gallery. True to the fictional element for which the show is named, the flowing lines and semi-abstracted imagery make the show feel light, elusive and Aether like. Kauffman uses color and geometry to tie the work together, giving the exhibition a cohesive and even narrative feel. Fans will recognize his continued use of decay and fatality as themes to deliver […]

Openings: Tessar Lo – “oh, ou, ohh, o” @ Cooper Cole Gallery

Tessar Lo’s (featured) newest series oh, ou, ohh, o opened last Friday at Toronto’s Cooper Cole Gallery. If you remember, we visited with Lo in his studio a couple months ago as he was preparing these new works so it was nice to see them completed and hanging together on the walls. Fans of the Toronto-based artist will note this show includes a lot of expansion for the artist including  new techniques, new themes and use of new materials. More photos below… Photo credit: Paddy Leung and Antonius Lo. Discuss Tessar […]

Openings: Jason Thielke – “Monuments” @ David B. Smith Gallery

AM was on hand for the opening night of Jason Thielke’s (interviewed) third solo show at Denver’s David B. Smith Gallery. Deviating from his trademark female figures, the show features animals as well as landscapes of some of Colorado’s most recognizable geologic formations, including Red Rocks Amphitheater and Garden of the Gods. Thielke continues to work in mixed media on wood and use his signature angular lines and minimal use of color. A Denver transplant, Thielke is coming off recent group shows including Wider Than a Postcard at […]