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Preview: Scott Musgrove – “How Is The Empire?” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Scott Musgrove sent us over some images to give our readers an idea of what to expect when his show “How Is The Empire?” opens this weekend at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Here you can see him in his studio working on one of the paintings for the show, no doubt involving his revisionist versions of the world’s flora and fauna if he was the Man upstairs. Stop by for the opening on May 15th to see some of the fantastic creatures he’s come up with […]

Teaser: Yoshitomo Nara – “Ceramic Works” @ Tomio Koyama Gallery

Acclaimed Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara will be opening a new show this weekend, May 15th, at the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo. Nara has been training for over a year with the use of ceramics at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park and this will his exciting debut show in this new medium.  Look for large and small sculptural works, in combination with some drawings. Another look after the jump…

Preview: Allison Sommers – “Schlareffenland” @ Thinkspace Gallery

This weekend, Allison Sommers (interviewed) will be bringing her merry band of longnecks to Culver City for an exhibition at the Thinkspace Gallery. This time, she has given a name to the strange yet beautiful world her characters inhabit – Schlareffenland, also the title of the show. Based off some of the most imaginative worlds we have seen, this new body of work will include incredibly detailed paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Take a look at some preview images after the jump as well as taking […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” @ OHWOW

One our stops in this past weekend’s art tour de force in NYC was Scott Campbell’s “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long”. Hailing from Miami, OHWOW Gallery created a hip Soho pop-up space that was new to AM eyes. The minty fresh location drew boatloads to the opening night festivities. Scott’s latest series of works definitely “wowed” us even more than anticipated than from our teaser and preview articles. Present were his signature cut-currency sculptures, intricate in design and often depicting objects, animals or slogans. […]

Openings – Kris Kuksi and Christy Langer “Meticulous Engagements” @ Shooting Gallery

AM recently attended the opening for Kris Kuksi and Christy Langer’s “Meticulous Engagements” (previewed) at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. Langer, who first caught our eye at Basel last year and is pictured above, brought a nice mix of large and small resin sculptures, examining the violence and fragility of nature. Kuksi’s works were as impressive as always and though we took plenty of detail pictures, they really need to be seen in person to be believed.  “Meticulous Engagements” ends in two days, the […]

Preview: Souther Salazar Installation for Fumetto Festival

Souther Salazar recently put together a pretty dope installation piece for the upcoming Fumetto Festival in Switzerland (with an assist from Monica Choy). As you can see from his other installs for recent shows in New York & Los Angeles, Souther is quite skilled at creating these whimsical mixed media pieces that seem to jump straight out of one of his paintings. The exhibition will be Souther’s first solo in Europe and will feature larger paintings, comics, sculptures and drawings displayed along with “Alejandro”! More […]

Overtime: April 12-18

New work from James Jean. See in progress pics of this piece and others on his twitter. Scott Radke working on a batch of meerkats? New work from Retna/El Mac, Hush, Aiko, and Aakash Nihilani. ABC “discovers” Trustocorp, who opened his show in NY last week. A closer look at Escif’s London mural. Graffiti earrings for your girl. Martha Cooper speaks. Beverly Hills out of the running for Eli Broad’s museum. Burger King paper bag = art?  Yes! Apparently, Picasso liked blowjobs. An interview with […]

Preview: Scott Campbell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” @ OHWOW

As spring kicks into high gear, so does artist, Scott Campbell, in preparation for his first solo in NYC later this month (teased) with OHWOW Gallery. AM has received a few more preview images to tantalize the senses, including some more of Scott’s insanely intricate money stacks along with a couple sculptural works. Incorporating a variety of found objects, the mixed media works take aim at the Campbell’s roots as a tattoo artist, which a recent New York Times article highlights, by mimicking the type […]

Showing: Damien Hirst – “Cornucopia @ Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Is it just us or is it a little ironic that Damien Hirst is showing at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, especially since included is one of his famous formaldehyde shark tanks (although this current specimen, a great white was apparently already dead, unlike the tiger shark that rocketed him to fame in 1992)? As we first told you about here, Hirst’s show, which will run through September, is a retrospective of his most famous pieces including spin paintings, skulls, and formaldehyde pieces, but none […]

Openings: Amanda Visell – “Primeval Love” @ the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

As mentioned in our preview, Amanda Visell’s exhibition, “Primeval Love” opened last Friday at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Because of the vintage feel to her paintings and the imagery she decided to work with, the show blended in perfectly with the surroundings. In fact, as you can see from the photo above, this was definitely one of most unique and eye-catching settings we have seen for an exhibition in a while. More images after the jump…