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Showing: Dain – “Born Again” @ Lebenson Gallery

Brooklyn-based street artist Dain recently opened his solo show “Born Again” at the Lebensen Gallery in Paris. As you can, the space featured some unique subterranean display options for his signature pieces featuring remixed versions iconic old school Hollywood beauties of yesteryear. If you haven’t yet, check out his recent insightful interview with Elle. More photos after the jump…

Showing: Mark Brown – “Daydreams” @ Gallery 1988 SF

Our friends at Hi-Fructose have recently posted pics from “Daydreams”, a show from Mark Brown (interviewed) that we previewed last week. For his first solo in San Francisco, the artist brought paintings, drawings, and a print featuring his colorful cast of characters.

Showing: Armsrock – “Drawn Towards The Present” @ Signal Gallery

Danish artist Armsrock (interviewed) opened his solo show “Drawn Towards The Present” with London’s Signal Gallery last week. Ever willing to push the boundaries and try out something new, Armsrock filled the gallery with huge charcoal pieces on rice paper, suspended around the gallery with thin wire trace. The work is viewable from either front or rear due to the delicacy and translucency of the paper – the pieces nearest to the window being especially effective as you can observe the world going by through […]

Showing / Giveaway: Kai & Sunny – “Return To The Wild” @ Stolenspace

AM stopped by StolenSpace this weekend to check out their latest exhibition, Kai & Sunny’s “Return to the Wild”. The show contains large scale one-off and small edition prints by the duo, with a cohesive colour palette and fantastic nature inspired subject matter and motifs used throughout. Alongside the wall pieces are four floor standing tee-pee lights with silkscreened covers stretched over bamboo frames. These pieces of functional art provide a welcoming glow to the entrance of the gallery, and were first seen in a […]

Christopher Wool @ Gagosian Gallery (Rome)

It’s been a while since we’ve covered anything in Rome, but today that changes. Gagosian Gallery brings one of today’s most important artists to the historic city with eight new paintings by Christopher Wool. The silkscreen and enamel large works on linen feature Wool’s signature gestures and technique. On top of the silkscreen foundation, Wool employs stenciling, rolling, dripping, dragging, and spray-painting. Each painting is heavily worked on by the artist, with erasures, over-painting, and reproduction part of the intense process. The result are spectacular […]

Raymond Pettibon @ Gladstone Gallery (Brussels)

Having shown in London just a few months back, Raymond Pettibon continues his European tour with a show of new works at the venerable Gladstone Gallery in Brussels. The exhibition continues on Pettibon’s themes of exploring the American psyche through images and text.  His comic strip-style narratives combine stunningly rendered images in the artist’s unique style with text drawn from a number of sources, including poet William Blake, vernacular speech, and pulp magazines. Icons from American culture, including fighter jets, bombs, cars, and UFOs dominate […]

Opening: Thomas Doyle – “Collateral Damage” @ Lebasse Projects

Thomas Doyle is the man all girls and boys look up to and admire, not only because he creates fascinating and immersive works of art, but also because he is pursuing his childhood love, creating three dimensional worlds using only his imagination and two hands.  We are all much better off thanks to his career decision.  In his first solo show in Los Angeles, Doyle presents his recognizable sculptures of intricate miniature snapshots of life and for the very first time, photographs. More after the […]

Showing: Damien Hirst and Michael Joo – “Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun?” @ Haunch of Venison Gallery

Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun is a two-man exhibition featuring two artists who have known each other since 1991 when they met in Cologne — Damien Hirst and Michael Joo.  Although this is the first time the duo have worked with each other, they have been in correspondence and discourse regarding their respective artistic practices since they’ve met.  Joo’s work in the show explores ideas about identity, nature, and the body.  Hirst, as you might expect, focuses on mortality, life, and death.  […]

Openings: Blaine Fontana – “The Golden Record” @ Lebasse Projects

In what sounds like an eternity in the fast-moving and evolving world of contemporary art, Blaine Fontana has just opened his first gallery exhibition in 3 years.  He returns with a tightly constructed, cohesive body of work with a unified theme.  The solo exhibition at LeBasse Projects in Culver City features 13 paintings, using acrylic and almost entirely on board, all intricately and exquisitely rendered by the Otis graduate. More, including images of the entire show, after the jump…

Showing: Damien Hirst – “Cornucopia @ Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Is it just us or is it a little ironic that Damien Hirst is showing at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, especially since included is one of his famous formaldehyde shark tanks (although this current specimen, a great white was apparently already dead, unlike the tiger shark that rocketed him to fame in 1992)? As we first told you about here, Hirst’s show, which will run through September, is a retrospective of his most famous pieces including spin paintings, skulls, and formaldehyde pieces, but none […]