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Showing: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian (Rome)

Remember our recent teaser with Takashi Murakami working “shirt off” on his latest gem to be shown at his first ever solo exhibition in Rome? Well, look no further as the Superflat master has completed his double dragons for the Gagosian Rome opening. The two immense paintings comprise of nine panels to form a painting measuring over 59 feet each! We noticed that Murakami is going for the less is more approach when it comes to color choices for these paintings by opting for a […]

Showing: Push – “Divided Attention” @ Known Gallery

Currently on view at LA’s landmark contemporary graffiti-inspired institution Known Gallery is the monumental first solo show by Push.  Dubbed “the thinking man’s graffiti artist” by LA Weekly, the self-taught Push has been hugely influenced by fellow AWR/MSK crew member, mentor, and close friend SABER (interviewed). Push’s abstract and colorful paintings look deceptively simple, yet are nuanced and sophisticated in their execution, color palette, and look.  You can tell that a lot of thought, effort, and consideration went into each and every vibrant and energetic […]

Showing: Tauba Auerbach – “The W Axis” @ Standard (Oslo)

Few artists are capable of transforming the ordinary into the transcendent quite like Tauba Auerbach. From manipulating simple letters in clever and meaningful ways to replicating the intricate patterns produced by analog TV static, or perhaps most famously reordering every letter in the Bible alphabetically into a cloth bound book of gibberish, the American artist has the uncanny ability to squeeze every last drop of value out of seemingly dull subjects, tweaking perspective ever so gently so as to bend perception in the most dramatic […]

JR Wins the 2011 TED Prize

The prolific and daring photographer/street artist JR has just been announced as the winner of the 2011 TED Prize, joining prestigious alumnus such as Bill Clinton and Bono. The TED Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional individual making a change in the world. Along with the $100,000 cash prize, the winner will unveil their “One Wish to Change the World” at the coming TED conference where the community will work on collaborative initiatives focusing on making the wish a reality. AM congratulates JR and […]

Showing: Lazarides’ “Hell’s Half Acre” at the Leake Street Tunnels

One of the most notable stops in our hectic journey through London was Lazarides’ “Hell’s Half Acre” group exhibition. The pop-up show was located in the eerie tunnels of Leake Street (AKA the Old Vic Tunnels where the Cans Festival was held). The dark catacombs were the perfect setting to host this amazing group show that featured signature works from artists such as Ian Francis, David Choe, Conor Harrington, Antony Micallef and Jonathan Yeo. One of the stand out pieces from the show was Paul […]

Cy Twombly – “Camino Real” @ Gagosian (Paris)

Already regarded as the best art gallery around, run by the most powerful figure in the art world, Gagosian Gallery opens a location in Paris and inaugurates it with an exhibition by one of the best artists alive. In what may be a sign of renewed confidence in the Paris art market (the city has had its fair share of important museum shows recently) or simply Larry Gagosian’s desire to take over the entire world one city at a time, the gallery opens in Paris […]

Showing: Richard Colman – “Something Better” @ Guerrero Gallery

This past weekend, Richard Colman (interviewed) opened his solo show “Something Better” at the Guerrero Gallery. Fans of the Bay Area artist were delighted to see not one, but two immersive installation pieces filling the spacious showroom. As you can see from part of the installation above, Richard has started exploring pieces with different geometrical patterns in with a more metallic palette. You will see that many of the standalone pieces featured this new direction in the photos after the jump…

Showing: Dan McCarthy – “The World We Live In” @ Gallery 1988 (SF)

Currently showing at Gallery 1988 in SF through the end of this month is a fantastic new body of work from Dan McCarthy (interviewed). The Massachusetts artist’s paintings are definitely informed by his surroundings as he continues to develop imagery of forests, nature, seasons, light, and the general smallness of man in this world. The show entitled “The World We Live In” features mostly originals, ink drawings, screenprints, and a sweet series of screenprints finished with watercolor to capture a scene gradually as the setting […]

Openings: Tristan Manco – “Street Sketchbook: Journeys” Book Launch @ Pictures On Walls

Although people often exaggerate about how bad London weather is, the city did live up to its reputation on Friday, October 1st when hit by repeated rain showers.  It was one of those grim and miserable days where even locals armed with umbrellas lose the will to fight.  They simply resign themselves to the fate bestowed upon them of damp clothing, wet shoes and socks, and a squishing sound made with each footstep. Resisting the temptation that evening to just go straight home, lie down […]