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Showing: Edwin Ushiro – At Night, Lights Fell and Loved Ones Returned Home” @ Sloan Fine Art

We recently stopped by Sloan Fine Art in NY to check out a mini-solo show by Edwin Ushiro (interviewed). “At Night, Lights Fell and Loved Ones Returned” featured five new paintings centered around the theme of abandoned spaces and the stories they told. It’s been busy recently for Edwin as he also participated in a group show in SF and is getting ready for two person show with Yoskay Yamamoto (featured) in the next half of this year at Roq La Rue. More images after […]

Showing: Mark Schoening – “Cloudcookooland” @ Blythe Projects

Los Angeles gallery, Blythe Projects, currently holding it’s inaugural Culver City show, featured an artist that drew AM’s attention, whose work we’ve actually been enjoying for the last year or so. “Cloudcookooland” is the first solo show in LA for Mark Schoening (featured on this month’s cover of American Contemporary Art magazine) since he moved to the city from New York last year. Schoening’s explosive work captures frozen moments in time, and this new show is inspired & informed by his recent relocation. He describes […]

Openings: sPy – “Urbana” @ SC Gallery – Bilbao, Spain

Urban interventionist sPy opened his debut solo show last week in his home country of Spain. Entitled “Urbana”, the show features a collection of photographs chronicling the pranksters recent works in Europe and New York City. Dubbed the “Spanish Banksy” by the media, sPy’s work focuses on alterations of the urban landscape, a rarity in that he refrains from using the traditional means and methods of graffiti/street art ie: stencils, wheatpastes or aerosol. Simultaneously whimsical and subversive, sPy’s situational art seems to be pushing the […]

Showing: Spector, Various & Gould – “Make It Fit” @ Brooklynite Gallery

Currently showing at the Brooklynite Gallery is “Make It Fit” (previewed), a show featuring Brooklyn-based artist Specter and the German duo of Various & Gould. We showed previously, a little of what Various & Gould were doing on the streets, but here is a look at the duo combining with Specter in taking over the gallery space with installations and standalone pieces. More pics after the jump…

Showing: Wayne White – “I Fell 37 miles to Earth 100 Years Ago” @ Marty Walker Gallery

Sometimes, we come across an artist that is making work so fresh and exciting that it completely stops us in our tracks. This is no mean feat when the setting is Basel week. The sheer scale of the event is a bombardment of the senses and after a while you start to forget what you saw where. Not so with Wayne White’s work though. His unforgettable landscape and textural compositions inspired us and proved to be one of the most enjoyable viewing pleasures of the […]

Showing: “Fresh” @ Thinkspace Gallery

When we visited Thinkspace a couple weeks ago to check out Damon Soule’s solo show, we also took in the “Fresh” group show in the project room. The appropriately named show featured some new young talent on the Silverlake gallery’s roster including Linnea Strid (seen above), Josie Morway, and Jacub Gagnon among others. Take a look at all the pics after the jump…

Showing: Clare Rojas – “We They, We They” @ Ikon Gallery

Last time we saw Clare Rojas, she was showing with Lydia Fong (aka Barry McGee) and Andrew Jeffrey Wright at New Image Art. She currently has a show in the UK at the Ikon Gallery entitled “We They, We They” which will be running until the March 21st. Stop by if you are in the area as it looks like the “Mission School” artist has put together a pretty fantastic installation with her folk-inspired art including her signature painted banjos. More images after the jump…

Showing: Aaron Young – “The Right Way To Do Wrong” @ Gagosian Gallery (Bevery Hills)

It’s not enough that Southern California currently enjoys perfect sunshiny weather while New York freezes. It also has to rub it in by currently being home to terrific shows with NYC-based artists Faile and Aaron Young – all under one roof.  Young, formerly of San Francisco and a Yale MFA, boasts a solo show in the first floor of the prestigious Gagosian Gallery in the famous 90210 zip code. Recently, AM visited the exhibition and would like to treat you all to what we saw. More […]