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Showing: Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman – “Destroyer” @ Cooper Cole

Renewing the the synergy found in Copenhagen during their joint show, Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman headed up north to work together on another exhibtion – Destroyer. Held at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, the two friends brought along some of their signature imagery in the form of paintings as well as some sweet indoor murals. As a bonus for our Canadian friends, Schoultz also found time for some outdoor work. Photos via the gallery. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andrew Schoultz here. Discuss Richard […]

Showing: Doze Green – “Luminosity in the Dark Rift” @ Jonathan LeVine

One of the artists displaying works alongside Eric White’s current showing (covered) is New York-born, Northern California-based artist Doze Green, in what is his fourth solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine. Luminosity in the Dark Rift, features a series of mixed media works on canvas, panel, and paper all demonstrating his signature combinations of cubism, abstract lifeforms, and stylized letterforms leading to rich and complex compositions. Stop by for a look yourself at the Rocksteady Crew legend’s new paintings through June 16th. Discuss Doze Green here.

Showing: Eric White – “Transmission” @ Jonathan LeVine

A couple weekends ago, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery hosted the opening for Eric White’s (interviewed) solo show – Transmission. For this new body of work, the talented New York-based artist continued to explore his interest in cinematic compositions, in particular scenes where automobiles are figured prominently. The detail in these pieces need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated as they are all beautifully rendered and elicit a sense of a bygone era in the annals of movie-making. Discuss this show here. Discuss […]

Showing: Syd Mead – “Future (Perfect)” @ BravinLee

BravinLee Programs in New York is currently showing works from Syd Mead, the man behind the futuristic designs of movies like Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Johnny Mnemonic, and 2010. Bringing together a rare selection of work (gouache on board) from the renowned concept designer, the Chelsea showspace has assembled an exhibition that can’t be missed for fans of the artist, movie-lovers, and admirers of sci-fi. Make sure you stop by to check it out for yourself before it closes June […]

Showing: Ron Mueck @ Hauser & Wirth, London (Savile Row, South Gallery)

If you remember, we previewed the Ron Mueck exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, London (Saville Row, South Gallery) last month. Those familiar with Mueck’s hyperrealist style and playful distortions of scale will know his work needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The four-sculpture show closes on Saturday 26 May, so the terribly busy, the forgetful and the procrastinators still have a couple of days to check it out. Favourite pieces for AM are Still Life, a giant plucked chicken hanging by […]

Showing: Alexander Calder @ L&M Arts

Currently showing at L&M Arts in Los Angeles through June 16th is a selection of work from renowned American sculptor and artist Alexander Calder, some never seen before by the public. Including in the exhibition are over 40 indoor and outdoor works including mobiles, stabiles and gouaches, that span from 1938 to 1975. Images via the gallery. Discuss Alexander Calder here.

Showing: Kevin E. Taylor – “Kountər Pärt” @ Guerrero Gallery

Last weekend, the Guerrero Gallery introduced San Francisco art fans to the paintings of the locally-based Kevin E. Taylor. Entitled Kountər Pärt, the new work explores and questions the “functionality of natural and synthetic materials through visual compositions of formulated schematics.” Using architectural structures, mirrors, and visual aids, Taylor’s detailed works presents a curious mix of the natural world and modern objects that extend into the gallery environment with some paintings displayed on and alongside mirrors and wooden constructs. Photo credit: Randy Dodson on installation […]

Showing: Ian Francis – “10,000 Years From Now” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

A couple weekends ago, London showgoers had the opportunity to enjoy a selection of new paintings from Ian Francis (featured) at the Rathbone Place location of Lazarides. 10,000 Years From Now is a pretty incredible new body of work featuring the Bristol-based artist’s masterful blend of the photo-realism & the abstract while touching on imagery that included seductive characters & ghostly landscapes utilizing a beautiful palette and intriguing titles. For those interested, also take a look at a studio visit we did leading up the […]

Showing: Michael Page – “Elan Vital” @ Shooting Gallery

Showing through tomorrow in San Francisco at the White Walls Gallery is Michael Page’s (interviewed) solo show Élan Vital. Tackling issues of evolution, the development of organisms, spirituality, and the infinite variations of consciousness, the locally-based painter has created a collection of works that bring viewers into his dream world featuring an explosion of colors and a melding of protoplasmic energies. More photos from the show taken by John Casey after the jump…

Showing: “Vinyl Revisionists” @ Warner Brothers

The art of the album cover has a longstanding cultural and historic impact, both on contemporary society and new contemporary art. From the psychedelic album covers of the sixties to the gritty urban photographic hip hop album covers of the 90s, few mediums have been as unheralded yet impactful as these visual interpretations of the defining sounds of each generation. Warner Brothers Records in Burbank has recently opened a group show inviting artists to reinterpret their favorite albums and covers from the label’s expansive catalog. […]