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Recap: Bumblebee – “Bee Yourself” Los Angeles Popup

From Jan 23 to Jan 26, Bumblebee’s first solo exhibition was on view at a pop-up location in Los Angeles. Consisting of new works and installations such as his Venice Beach lemonade stand, the show included familiar images from his street art murals, as well as his environmentally-conscious statements, such as his phone booths. His short video documentary was also screening in an upstairs room. There was work to enjoy for art lovers of all ages and at any level of familiarity. Fans were treated […]

Showing: Sweet Toof & Rowdy – ‘Drifters’ @ See Studio

Editor’s note: This post was guest written for AM by Alex Ellison. Having seen Alex’s photography captures of the work by these two prolific street artists over the years, and his expert knowledge of the historical context of their work, there seemed like no-one better than Alex to cover this exhibition for us even though we’d made the trip to London to see the exhibition ourselves…  Last weekend saw the opening of Drifters, a joint show of new work by Sweet Toof and Rowdy, following on from […]

Showing: Jeff Depner – ‘Variations: Black Napkins’ @ Nancy Margolis Gallery

Vancouver-based artist Jeff Depner opened his debut New York solo exhibition last week at Nancy Margolis Gallery. Variations: Black Napkins showcases Depner’s intense application process where he places multiple layers of paint amidst an equal amount of reductive processes to build up his compositions. His hard edged forms have an organic feel amongst the highly stylized architectural notions he presents. Geometric configurations wrestle with natural elements in his paintings, where colour theory underpins his architectonic aesthetic. The work itself is presented with a variety of paint types on canvas, using the […]

Showing: Jud Bergeron – ‘Becoming’ @ Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art

Jud Bergeron’s current exhibition Becoming carries its special little story on how it came to be. Funded by a recent kickstarter campaign to facilitate the casting of pieces such as Quack-Quack – the large scale bronze and mixed media sculpture of an atom bomb explosion of rubber duckies emanating from a pin-striped child’s pedal car, Bergeron used the crowd-funding route to deal with the huge upfront costs of mounting such an ambitious sculptural exhibition. The title of the show alludes to Bergeron’s experiences with his recent transition into […]

Showing: Petro ‘Hey You’ @ Bradbury & Blanchard

UK based graffiti artist Petro has been contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer for 25 years or so, and his instantly recognisable style is now on view in Sheffield gallery Bradbury & Blanchard. Hey You showcases Petro’s signature handstyle, lettering and drip-infused symbology and it’s good to see exhibitions like this being brought to the North of England by B&B – the gallery owners and curators are artists themselves, so watch out for more exiting shows in the future. In conjunction with the exhibition, […]

Showing: Letha Wilson – Landmarks and Monuments @ Art in General

NYC nonprofit art space Art in General currently has an excellent exhibition by Letha Wilson, entitled Landmarks and Monuments. The show consists mostly of Wilson’s photo-based sculptures—many of which were created and installed specifically for the site. In the center of the gallery, a floor-to-ceiling photograph of a moonrise curves around one of the space’s support columns. On one side of the room, an image of a tree is pressed into the drywall with a two-by-four. And across, a Southwestern landscape is installed over a window, […]

Showing: “Extraction” @ The Hole

The Hole gallery in New York continues it’s run of great shows. This one is a group exhibition titled Extraction and it’s focus on new approaches in abstract painting. This showcase features an expansive list of artists such as Ara Peterson, Chris Johanson, Cory Arcangel, Gerhard Richter, Kadar Brock, Mark Flood, Peter Sutherland, Sam Moyer, Wade Guyton, Xylor Jane to name a few and aims to show how this current generation of artists’ take on conveying the non-figurative. Check out this excellent show below.

Showing: Ryan De La Hoz – ‘What New Mystery Is This?’ @ RVCA SF

Ryan De La Hoz has been grabbing our eye over the last couple of years and appreciation of his artwork has been building momentum rapidly recently. His current solo exhibition What New Mystery Is This? is showing at RVCA in San Francisco, and is accompanied by new window displays in the SF space by other artists we admire – Bill McRight and Ben Venom. Ryan’s work utilizes cut paper and found imagery with exquisitely detailed ink linework to create a wonderful blend of Op-Art fused with geometric assemblages. […]
Kent Rogowski

Showing: Ten @ Jen Bekman Gallery

Gallerist and Internet art entrepreneur, Jen Bekman, celebrated the 10th anniversary of her gallery with a group show fittingly entitled Ten. For the show, the 20×200 creator assembled an impressive collection of artists who have shown or worked with the gallery over the past decade, including such notable names as Kent Rogowski, Tod Seelie, Alex Soth and Amy Stein. Hung salon-style and filling the intimate Lower East Side space, the works ranged from photography to painting to collage, and characterized Bekman’s style and diverse eye […]

Showing: Gert and Uwe Tobias “Untitled ’13” @ Team Gallery

New York’s Team Gallery recently launched a major new show by Romanian-born, Germany-based artists Gert and Uwe Tobias. For their third exhibition with Team, the twin brothers filled both of the gallery’s Soho locations with collaborative works of various mediums, all representing their unique modernism x folk art style. The Wooster Street space contained several of the Tobias’ large-scale woodblock prints for which they are best known, as well as a series of ceramic sculptures, whereas the Grand Street space was mostly filled with collages, […]