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Showings: HuskMitNavn – “One Of These Days” @ V1 Gallery

After being introduced the intriguing outdoor works of HuskMitNavn during Komafest (covered) last year, we were curious to see how his work translated to the gallery setting. A showing at the V1 Gallery entitled One Of These Days gave us this opportunity to see some new drawings and paintings from the Danish artist in his characteristic colorful, humorous, and cartoonish style. Head over for a look yourself if you are in the area through February 16th. Photo credit: Henrik Haven.

Showing: Mark Schoening – ‘Recordings of a Lone Infantryman’ @ Marine Contemporary

Recordings of a Lone Infantryman is Los Angeles-based artist Mark Schoening’s latest solo exhibition currently showing at Marine Contemporary in Venice, CA. We’ve been looking forward to seeing this latest evolution of Mark’s work after seeing some glimpses of new sculptures – a first for Schoening – via his instagram account. His abstract compositions are full of dimensional depth with the build up of layer upon layer of paint and other medias between resin coats, but the geometric sculptures literally add a whole other dimension to his body of work – […]

Showing: Daniel Arsham – “Reach Ruin” @ Fabric Workshop and Museum

Daniel Arsham’s exhibition, Reach Ruin, recently opened at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia where he was the artist-in-residence. Arsham, who is also one-half of design studio Snarkitecture (a partnership with Alex Mustonen) was inspired by his experiences with Hurricane Andrew as a youngster (the show’s title is an anagram for the word hurricane) to create a series of works that speak to the fragility of architecture in the face of the destructive power of nature. In addition to the sculptures, a performance entitled Study for Occupant will be seen […]

Showing: Kid Acne ‘Damn Straight’ @ Inoperable Gallery

Showing at Vienna’s Inoperable Gallery currently, Damn Straight is Kid Acne’s latest body of work with a focus on his stabby women characters. We love these tough sisters of the sword, and the whole mystical world that surrounds them. Graphite drawings, one-off screen prints, mono-prints and paintings are presented along with some of the ouija boards (with a Yorkshire flava) we saw back at his 2009 London show When The Smoke Clears and a series of architectural renderings (hang-outs of the stabby women, we presume). Kid […]

Showing: “Lazarides Presents…” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Currently showing at Lazarides’ main location (Rathbone Place) is a group exhibition that will give fans an idea of what kind of shows are planned through 2013 with the gallery. Along with some vintage Banksy works, on display were also some sublime paintings form Conor Harrington, new work from Faile with a slight twist, a piece from newcomer Know Hope and more (full list here). Stop by if you are in London through November 22nd. Photo credit: Ian Cox / Wallkandy. Discuss this show here.

Showing: Matt Small – “Seen and Heard” @ Blackall Studios

Last week, UK-based painter Matt Small (interviewed) opened a new solo show at  Lackall Studios in London with a new body of work derived from his experiences while working on a youth empowerment project. Entitled Seen and Heard, the exhibition consisted of a series of portraits rendered in Small’s characteristic swirl of colors and attempts to bring a positive light to a subgroup of society that is often viewed negatively. Contact Moniker Projects for those interested in adding a piece to their collection. Photo credit of the show: Ian Cox. Discuss […]

Showing: Candice Tripp – “Petit Mal @ Black Rat Gallery

Last month, London was treated to a new solo showing from Candice Tripp (interviewed) at Black Rat Projects entitled Petit Mal. The new paintings are some of her best and darkest yet, featuring her masked adolescents participating in bizarre scenarios as if from a bad nightmare. This horror-infused imagery is further enhanced with a layer of awkward social interaction from the subjects leading one to wonder what more there is to the story that can only seen through the lens of a moment in time captured by the painting. Rounding out […]

Showing: Aya Takano – “To Lose Is To Gain” @ Galerie Perrotin (Paris)

Currently showing at the Paris branch (Saint Claude location) of Galerie Perrotin is a new body of work from Japanese sensation Aya Takano. Deeply moved by the recent earthquake and nuclear disaster in her home country, To Lose Is To Gain explores her feelings on the subject and reflects her thoughts of Japan in the past, present, and future. Of course, her Superflat stylings and prepubescent ethereal girls are still present in this new solo showing with the paintings displayed on walls as well as hanging […]

Showing: Karin Krommes – ‘Reign’ @ Waterhouse & Dodd

After a couple of false starts, AM finally got to see Karin Krommes‘ latest solo exhibition entitled Reign at Waterhouse & Dodd in London. Her beautifully layered paintings in oil and acrylic feature portraits of aircraft parts from discarded and abandoned planes. The principal series of Reign are four diptych presentations of ejector seats from fighter jets, rendered in so much beautiful detail that they feel almost as three-dimensional as the installation piece within the gallery of a Martin-Baker Mk2 housing a tree-filled landscape arrangement. […]

Showing: Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman – “Destroyer” @ Cooper Cole

Renewing the the synergy found in Copenhagen during their joint show, Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman headed up north to work together on another exhibtion – Destroyer. Held at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, the two friends brought along some of their signature imagery in the form of paintings as well as some sweet indoor murals. As a bonus for our Canadian friends, Schoultz also found time for some outdoor work. Photos via the gallery. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andrew Schoultz here. Discuss Richard […]