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Candice Tripp Mini-Paintings @ Black Rat Projects

Candice Tripp (interviewed) recently dropped off some mini-paintings off at Black Rat Projects in London, with which she also recently collaborated with to release a print. She now tells AM that these first 20 paintings from the series collectively entitled The Tribe first formed in her mind as she was preparing for her Joshua Liner Gallery in 2009 (covered). For the show, she set a basic rule for herself that she had to cover each child’s face that she painted with a mask which got […]

Openings: ‘Printmaking Today / ROA Installation’ @ Black Rat Projects

AM had to cut our evening in London short this Thursday due to problems with the trains, so unfortunately missed our VNA friends’ new issue launch, but we did manage to get to Black Rat Projects’ Printmaking Today show. In addition to their great looking and very large multiple layered edition from Swoon (interviewed), BRP also presented a series of secondary market editioned works from such contemporary artists as Peter Blake, Tracy Emin, Grayson Perry, Peter Doig and Damien Hirst as well as editioned work […]

Teaser: “Printmaking Today” & ROA @ Black Rat Projects

This Thursday night, February 10th, Black Rat Projects will open their first show of the year – Printmaking Today. The exhibition will include past limited editions from their archives, as well as key works from other important artists in the last ten years, including Banksy, Tracey Emin, D*face, Damien Hirst, Nick Walker, Grayson Perry, Shepard Fairey. Also, there will be new prints from Matt Small and Candice Tripp (details here), and their most technically complex project with Swoon to date. As per their tradition (see […]

Teaser: Candice Tripp @ Copro Gallery

Something to look forward to in March next year will be some new paintings from Candice Tripp (interviewed) in Los Angeles at Copro Gallery. After a strong showing at the Joshua Liner Gallery last year (covered), we are really looking forward to seeing her new body of work. Here is a peek at what she’s been working on, a partial shot of her most time consuming painting ever. Discuss Candice Tripp here.

Candice Tripp Hand Finished Print & Giveaway

Our friend Candice Tripp (interviewed) has some very special limited prints that she hand touched for sale available here.  There are two different images, each in an edition of 10.  The first is “The Patio” and the second “And One Day Blimp Cat Floated Away”.  Candice took the time to hand embellish each one with metallic paints and other details. Also in other Candice Tripp news: she has finally become a British citizen. Congrats Trippy!  To celebrate her new-found citizenship, she’s giving away a beautiful hand touched […]

Openings: Hi-Fructose Five Year Anniversary Show @ Copro Gallery

Last Saturday, AM attended Copro Gallery for the anniversary of one of our favorite magazines – Hi-Fructose. Known for bringing some of the best pop surrealist art coverage for the past 5 years, Hi-Fructose curated a diverse and top notch mix of some of the best talent in the industry. Many of LA’s booming art scene made it out to celebrate the anniversary show and catch the works of favorites such as Mark Ryden, Lori Earley, Audrey Kawasaki, Jeff Soto, Kevin Cyr, Thomas Doyle, Scott Musgrove, […]

Openings: Candice Tripp – “Tiny Drama” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Opening along side Kris Kuksi (covered) this weekend at Joshua Liner Gallery, Candice Tripp (interviewed) made her New York debut with a fabulous showing.  The large body of work was chock full of witty spins on traditional wives’ tales told in a unique point of view that only Candice can have. The pieces certainly didn’t disappoint, with the detailed work taking viewers on a “trippy” journey. Check out all the pics after the jump.

Preview: Candice Tripp @ Joshua Liner Gallery

For those who enjoyed Candice Tripp’s (interviewed) twist on childhood myths and wives’ tales in August at the Carmichael Gallery, you will have to pay attention to her show opening at the Joshua Liner Gallery in November.  With her unique composition and clever wit, we think art lovers in New York will welcome her first solo show in the States with open arms. Expect more coverage from AM to follow, but for now, check out some preview pics after the jump…

Openings: “A Mirror Distorted” @ Carmichael Gallery

Opening alongside Guy Denning’s “Celebrity Will Eat Itself” show at the Carmichael Gallery is “A Mirror Distorted” (previewed) featuring work from four unique female voices. South African transplant Candice Tripp (interviewed) continues to impress us with her wit and great use of white space, while Pam Glew displays her unique “flag” works which were created utilizing a special bleach and ink technique. Cherri Wood focuses solely on canvas works for this show, continuing to express her thoughts on isolation and idiosyncrasies through her characters. Rounding out the pack is […]

Openings: Group Exhibition @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Saturday night, AM attended the opening of Joshua Liner Gallery’s summer group exhibition, which collects solid works from a very strong roster of artists, some of whom the gallery has shown previously and others of whom the gallery is working with for the first time. From the show, it is clear that Liner is actively evolving and maturing his gallery. And from the response from collectors and others at the opening, it seems that what he’s doing is working. More after the jump…