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Showing: Claudio Ethos – “Intuitions sur le Hasard” @ Galerie Itinerrance

Last Friday, the Galerie Itinerrance in Paris presented all new works from Claudio Ethos entitled Intuitions sur le Hasard. Featuring paintings, drawings, and wall murals, the Brazilian street artist’s French fans were treated to his special surreal aesthetic. Beautifully rendered, his portraits of distorted characters mirrored closely what we have come to expect from his public art. Take a look at more photos below… Photo credit: Vitostreet (via Ekosystem). Discuss Claudio Ethos here.

Streets: World Roundup (Oct 15 – Oct 21)

With the return of our Streets World Roundup feature, we cover a lot of ground with the amount of worthy walls that have popped up since our last article. Leading things off is this surreal hot air balloon from Claudio Ethos in Istanbul, Turkey.  Other murals that caught our eye include work from ABOVE & JUST – Germany (source), RIPO – Spain (source), Gaia – Baltimore (source), Isaac Cordal – Austria, Faith47 – South Africa, Spidertag – The Alps (source), OLEK – UK, Etam Cru […]

Streets: Komafest (Part I) – Ethos

Way above the polar circle, a small Norwegian island community has kicked off a street art festival – Komafest. Stavanger-based street artist Pøbel has invited a quality lineup of artists up to Vardø, Norway to paint up the town including E. B. Itso, Conor Harrington, Steve “ESPO” Powers, Husk mit navn, Atle Østrem, Horfe, Roa, Remed, Vhils, Ken Sortais, and Claudio Ethos. One of the first to arrive and probably the one that had to travel the farthest was the Sao Paulo-based Ethos who promptly […]

Streets: World Roundup (June 4 – June 10)

Our Streets: World Roundup feature returns this week with a summary of murals you may have missed out on. Our highlighted piece this time is this monster collaboration from REVOK and RIME of MSK fame for the Detroit Beautification Project. It almost makes AM want to take a trip to the much maligned Motor City to see all the walls for themselves, proof that the project is working. Other notable murals include work from: Jaz – France (source), Graphic Surgery (Poland), Remi/Rough (Melbourne), Dal East […]

Streets: World Roundup (May 7 – May 13)

For our summary of walls this week, we have for you as our featured wall – REYES in Detroit. The motor city has become one of the hotspots for street activity recently as the tanking economy has ironically led to more abandoned buildings facilitating the rise of public art. Also, the Detroit Beautification Project (first mentioned here) has been bringing in artists from all over to get up around town. We’ll have a summary on the project soon (also see Sever’s piece) but for now […]
Ludo in Paris. Fake xray ads.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 12 – Dec 18)

To start off our summary of walls this week, we get news that Ludo has been in Paris getting some new fake xray ads like this piece with a hand skeleton seen inside a mosquito. Other walls seen after the jump include a collaboration between Remi/Rough and LX One (Miami), Ethos (Sydney), Liqen (Mexico), Know Hope (Miami), Ever (Miami), Kid Zoom (Australia), Anthony Lister (Australia), Agostino (Italy), Merge Invisible (Hungary), and 2-Hands (Portugal).

Streets: World Roundup (Nov 7 – Nov 13)

This week’s round up of street work around the world starts with Ethos and this sweet new mural for the RUA Festival in Amsterdam. Other notable walls include ROA (Australia), Escif (Paris), Dikson (Russia), A1one (Iran), Isaac Cordal (Spain), Other & Saddo (Germany), and Cranio (Brazil). Check it all out after the jump…

Streets: Claudio Ethos (Sao Paulo)

After getting a massive mural up in Los Angeles, it looks like Claudio Ethos has returned home to Brazil. The Sao Paolo-based street surrealist recently posted up a couple of presumably new pieces he did in his native city on his blog before heading over to the CityLeaks Festival. He says one of the characters is sending out the message and the other is receiving the signal. The other piece and another view of the piece above after the jump…

Streets: Ethos (Sao Paulo)

Claudio Ethos, whose surrealistic street mural in Paris we recently featured, has been busy doing more painting. The Brazilian artist certainly has a way of catching the eye with his play on proportions and his imaginative imagery.  This new piece was done in his home country in its largest city – Sao Paolo. Take a look at what else he has been up to on Unurth. Discuss Ethos here.

Streets: Basel Week Miami ’10 Overview (Part I)

Whether the artists were participating on the legal walls like Primary Flight, Wynwood Walls, Graffiti Gone Global, or just freelancing it, there were certainly many new pieces thrown up for this year’s Art Basel Week Miami. You have already seen us focus in on some work from Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Gaia and Jeff Soto, but check more work in Part I of our overview of the murals. Pics we gathered after the jump…