Our Streets: World Roundup feature returns this week with a summary of murals you may have missed out on. Our highlighted piece this time is this monster collaboration from REVOK and RIME of MSK fame for the Detroit Beautification Project. It almost makes AM want to take a trip to the much maligned Motor City to see all the walls for themselves, proof that the project is working.

Other notable murals include work from:

Jaz – France (source), Graphic Surgery (Poland), Remi/Rough (Melbourne), Dal East (South Africa), Sainer – Etam Crew (Poland), ZUKCLUB (Russia), Alexandros Vasmoulakis x Paris Koutsikos (Israel), Roc Blackblock (Spain), M-City (Poland), Claudio Ethos (Brazil), Philippe Baudelocque (France), Zilda (Italy), Dabs Myla x Cope2 (New York), Da Mental Vaporz (France) and ASKEW.

See them all below.

Jaz in Paris, Wall part of ParisFreeWalls. Photo by lepublicnme on flickr.

Graphic Surgery in Poznan, Poland for the Outer Spaces Festival.

Remi/Rough in Melbourne.

DAL – “Milestone” in Guguletu, South Africa.

Sainer (Etam Crew) painted this mural for the Uran Forms Foundation in Poland.

ZUKCLUB in Vyksa, Russia for fest ART-OVRAG.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis x Paris Koutsikos collaboration in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Roc BlackBlock in Barcelona. Photo by Luis Montero (via Street Art Utopia).

M-City in Krakow, Poland for the ArtBoom Festival.

Ethos in Sao Paulo.

Philippe Baudelocque in Paris. Photo by vitostreet on flickr.

Zilda – “Meditazione” in Naples.

Dabs Myla x Cope2 in New York. Photo via TheSeventhLetter.

Da Mental Vaporz in a 11th century chapel in France. Via Graffuturism.

Askew. Photo via TheSeventhLetter.