With the return of our Streets World Roundup feature, we cover a lot of ground with the amount of worthy walls that have popped up since our last article. Leading things off is this surreal hot air balloon from Claudio Ethos in Istanbul, Turkey.  Other murals that caught our eye include work from ABOVE & JUST – Germany (source), RIPO – Spain (source), Gaia – Baltimore (source), Isaac Cordal – Austria, Faith47 – South Africa, Spidertag – The Alps (source), OLEK – UK, Etam Cru – Germany (source), David Flores – California (source), LUDO – UK, Nychos – Germany (source), Interesni Kazki – Germany, L’ATLAS – France (source), Momo – New York (source), and ROIDS.

All photos via the artists unless otherwise specified.

ABOVE & JUST in Berlin. Photo by LUCKYCAT.


JUST & ABOVE in Berlin. Photo by LUCKYCAT.


RIPO in Tudela de Navarra, Spain for the Avant-Garde Urbano Festival.


Gaia in Baltimore with mural honoring the Arrabers. Photo by M Holden Warren.


Isaac Cordal for the BLK River Festival in Vienna.


One of the new murals from Faith47 in her “the long wait” series in South Africa.


Spidertag in the Alps. Photo by Thomas Stöckli.


Olek’s crocheted version of Martin Luther King’s “injustice anywhere is
a treat to justice everywhere,” an ode to her struggles with the legal system.


Etam Cru in Halle, Germany for the All You Can Paint Festival. Photo via StreetArtNews.


David Flores mural of Karl Benjamin in the Pomona Arts District. Photo via LA TACO.


LUDO in London.


Nychos – “Memento Money” in St. Ottilien, Germany for the Heaven Meets Earth Festival. Photo via StreetArtNews.


Phlegm in Doncaster, UK.


Interesni Kazki in St. Ottilien, Germany.


L`ATLAS in Toulouse, France. Via ArtSchoolVets!


Momo in Brooklyn. Photo by Jaime Rojo via Brooklyn Street Art.