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Highlights: Recommended Openings For August 27 – September 2

This Saturday’s massive “Sea No Evil”‘ charity art auction (previewed) benefits the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For the uninitiated, the Sea Shepard Conservation Society has spent the past three decades protecting and preserving the world’s ocean life. The auction takes place at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium (near the Mission Inn). Notable contributors include Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, Anthony Lister, Dave Cooper, Jeff Soto, Greg Simkins, Glen E. Friedman, Gregory Euclide, Logan Hicks, Mars-1 and Tim Biskup. Though a drive for us living in Los Angeles, this is […]

Publications: Ryan McGinley – “Moonmilk” Book

Looks like the book we mentioned when we first told you about Ryan McGinley’s upcoming show is ready for preorder.  Entitled “Moonmilk,” the same as McGinley’s show, which is set to open Alison Jacques Gallery on September 11th, the book documents his subterranean explorations for this body of work (previewed). More images after the jump…

Jeff Koons’ Diamond Lights Up Manhattan Skyline

What would you do if you had the money to get one of Jeff Koons’ famous “Diamond” sculptures? Where would you place it to get the most out of your new found bling? On the roof of your luxury penthouse? Apparently that’s exactly what hedge-fund mogul Richard Perry did. After buying the sculpture for 2.3 million dollars in 2005, he installed his flashy green diamond on the roof using a crane in 2007. That’s when the complaints started coming in. The 5ft tall (size of a buffalo) stainless steel metallic […]

Photography: Simon Menner & James Reynolds

AM recently came across two series of photographs that we thought would go well together, both of which reference issues of “Crime & Punishment.”  The first photographer is Simon Menner and his series entitled simply “Murder Weapons.”  He was interested in how some of these ordinary items along with the requisite guns and knives changed as soon as the viewer realized they were used to kill.  There were some unexpected weapons as well like from this “caveman” murderer. The second set of photos is from […]

Showing: Robert Longo Retrospective @ MAMAC (Nice)

As we reported a while back when we focused on Robert Longo, he has a very nice retrospective currently being held at the MAMAC in Nice, France. The comprehensive retrospective houses many of his iconic pieces from his expansive body of work over the last 20 years – from his renowned charcoal on papers to sculptures to photographic installations.  For those who can’t make the trip, he recently posted up some images from the exhibit, which we also posted after the jump…

Video: Ernesto Yerena – “Con O Sin”

In this new video, Obey Giant’s Ernesto Yerena explains the concept of “Con O Sin” or “With or Without.”  His subject for the piece, a member of the norteno music scene (literally “northern,” a style of Mexican music heavily driven by accordion and bajo sexto) represents the idea of “Con dinero o sin dinero hago siempre lo que quiero,” or “With money or without, I’ll always do as I please.”  Grafted together entirely from still photos, Con O Sin shows a carefree side of Ernesto, […]

Openings: Sixeart – “Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas” @ ROJO artspace Sao Paulo

Sixeart opened his debut solo show in Sao Paulo at ROJO artspace POP last Tuesday, August 11th. The fantastic exhibit, entitled “Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas” (in English: “The hens dream about being human”), showcases thirteen brand new works on paper and a colorful installation featuring his trademark characters, geometric shapes and mysterious numerals, all stabbed with wooden arrows. The Barcelona native, who has painted on the streets since the 1980s, enjoys a successful fine art career in Spain. He achieved international recognition in 2008 when he joined fellow artists Blu, Faile, JR, Nunca and Os Gemeos in painting […]

Auction: Polaroid Collection via Sotheby’s

Now that the Polaroid Corporation has gone into bankruptcy, it leaves behind a legacy not only in your fond childhood memories of snapping away your day’s activities without a care, but also in an important collection of instant photographs by some of the best artists of the 20th century.  In an effort to raise money to pay their creditors, that collection will soon head into auction courtesy of Sotheby’s, with the remaining pieces to be sold via private sales. Read more after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended Openings For August 20-26

David B. Smith Gallery is the proud host of the new solo exhibition of figurative paintings by artist Kris Lewis this Saturday inside their new gallery space located in Denver. This latest collection of surrealist portraits have been inspired by Lewis’ rich family history. Lewis’ reverence for masters of old is apparent in his depiction of the human figure, which he uses as a vector for hidden stories, delicate emotion and universal truth. His work has been featured in galleries around the world, including Denver, Los […]

Update: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

Remember how there was a fourth painting yet to be revealed at the time Josh Keyes‘ (interviewed) show opened at Swarm Gallery (covered). Well, here it is – “Drifting.” Now, we all have to wait until probably January before we can get our next Keyes fix when he opens his show at Jonathan Levine entitled “Kaleidoscope.” Discuss this show here. Discuss Josh Keyes here.