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Interviews / Preview: Dave MacDowell – “Lowbrow Love Letter” @ Thinkspace Gallery

This Saturday night, master satirist painter Dave MacDowell will be opening a new show at the Thinkspace Gallery. Collectively entitled Lowbrow Love Letter, the new body of work tackles some stereotypes of the so-called lowbrow subgenre with a lot of “big eye girls, monsters, and depressed naked girls” all the while utilizing his brilliant wit and eye for celebrity and pop culture. Take a look after the jump at some questions and answers as we sit down for a chat about the upcoming show and […]

Openings: “Bad Dads: A Tribute to Wes Anderson” @ Spoke Art

It appears two things motivate Bay Area residents with a vengeance; Halloween and Wes Anderson. The effects of both were on full display during Spoke Art’s Bad Dads: A Tribute to Wed Anderson (previewed) group exhibition. Curated by our friend Ken Harman, managing online editor over at Hi-Fructose, the event served as the best excuse humanly possible to break out the cowboy hats, track suites, headbands and Zissuo red beanies in honor of one of the finest writer/directors of our generation. Despite the excellent costume […]

Releases: Dave MacDowell – “Bad Mother Wizard” Print

Pop culture manipulator Dave MacDowell has just released one bad mutha-f’ing print…  Entitled “Bad Mutha Wizard”, MacDowells mashup of Samuel L. Jackson and the Wizard of Oz is available now through Dirty Pilot.

Openings: “Picks of the Harvest” @ Thinkspace Gallery (Culver City Artwalk)

Another stop on the Culver City Artwalk last weekend for us was “Picks of the Harvest” at Thinkspace Gallery. With the recent moves of several of our favorite galleries into the the area, the stroll through the art district has become alot more enjoyable and productive. Headlining the show were the tongue-in-cheek paintings from the always entertaining David MacDowell (featured). Also on display were many other works from the gallery’s roster of artists. More pics after the jump…

Preview: “The Next Generation” Group Show @ London Miles Gallery

The largely USA based new contemporary art movement continues it’s assault on the UK next week with “The Next Generation” opening Friday June 11th at London Miles Gallery. Curated by Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery director, Andrew Hosner, the exhibition promises new work from 45 artists, all presented in a common format of 12 square inches. Continuing the charge recently begun with “Art from the New World” in Bristol, this time the art comes to heart of the action in London itself. For many of the […]

Culver City Artwalk ’10: “Picks of the Harvest” @ Thinkspace

On right now at the Culver City Arts District is their annual Artwalk. After bringing you a look at what LeBasse Projects and Carmichael Gallery had to offer, we now turn our eye on another great gallery – Thinkspace. Heading their show is master manipulator of pop culture and satirist, David MacDowell. You can’t help but smile when you see the skill in which David takes familiar elements and remixes them into a clever and unexpected composition – like Golem heading over to “Booger King” […]

Art Focus: David MacDowell – “Appetite For Veruca”

After witnessing David MacDowell’s wit and humor as well his acrylic skills firsthand at Thinkspace a short while back, we fast became fans of his work. But, his ballsy take on Robert Williams‘ classic “Appetite For Destruction” at the Crazy4Cult 3D show really blew our mind. Notice the seamless blending of the world of Willy Wonka with arguably one of the most famous paintings of lowbrow art culture. See Williams’ original painting after the jump as well as hear in MacDowell’s own words how he […]

Preview: “Crazy 4 Cult 3D” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Here is the amazing and unprecedented collaboration piece between Amy Sol (interviewed) and Greg “Craola” Simkins (interviewed) for this year’s Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 (LA). This tribute to “The Neverending Story” is one of the many stunning pieces for this annual exhibition celebrating cult movies. Opening this Thursday night, July 16th (7 – 10pm), attendees will do well for themselves to get there early as lines will be long. If you fancy yourself an expert on cult movies, take a look at […]

Preview: Matthew Feyld “Untitled (New Works)” & David MacDowell “Sins of Atticus Finch” @ Thinkspace Gallery

A unexpected pairing of artists will be opening their show this Friday the 13th at Thinkspace Gallery in the Silverlake District. Canadian artist Matthew Feyld (interview by sourharvest) will be presenting a new body of work along with David MacDowell with his debut solo show. We like Feyld’s clean lines, colors and his strange cast of charaters. MacDowell’s work is like satiric political cartoons on steroids filled with caricatures of famous celebrities in unlikely but often hilarious situations. More preview pics after the jump.