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Studio Visit: Brian Viveros – “War of the Roses” @ SCOPE / Thinkspace

With Basel Week Miami mere days away, it’s time to start giving you an idea of what to expect from this year’s event. We recently stopped by the studio of Brian Viveros to check out some of the paintings he will be shipping to the SCOPE Fair that will be displayed at the Thinkspace booth. War of the Roses will feature much of the imagery that fans of Viveros’ work have come to appreciate – strong female characters, reference to Spanish culture, tobacco, military themes, […]

Showing: Kelsey Brookes – ” Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States” @ Quint Contemporary Art

A couple weeks ago, the Quint Contemporary Art in San Diego hosted all new works from local artist Kelsey Brookes. Entitled Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States, the show featured his representations of various neurotransmitter molecules colored with the various intereactions they have on our mental status. The vibrant and colorful patterns were repeated over a series of small, medium, and large paintings. Check out more views of the work below… Photo credit: Keegan Gibbs & Philipp Scholz Ritterman / Quint Contemporary Art. Discuss Kelsey Brookes here.

Setup: KAWS – Companion Balloon for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Every year, legions of people from around the nation flock to NYC for a little Thanksgiving time with friends & family. During this busy holiday weekend, one of the traditions is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The day before the parade, tens of thousands visit the staging area to observe the balloon inflation ceremony next to the American Museum of Natural History. This year, AM surfed the crowds to catch the inflation of the Companion balloon (here & here) created by KAWS. This 40 foot feat of art […]

Openings: Yue Minjun – “L’ombre d’un fou rire” @ Fondation Cartier

Last week, Fondation Cartier in Paris opened their doors to a selection of works from seminal Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun entitled L’ombre d’un fou rire (The shadow of a laugh). Featuring nearly 40 paintings from collections around the world, as well as a set of drawings that have never been shown in public, the showing marks his first solo exhibition at a European museum. Fans who can’t get enough of his colorful characters with the signature frozen grin have several months to stop by for a look as the […]

Showing: Anthony Lister – “Unslung Heroes” @ The Outsiders (London)

After seeding the streets of London and Newcastle with his public art, it was time for his simultaneous openings at The Outsiders locations in both cities. The new paintings and sculptures by the artist from down under were collectively entitled Unslung Heroes and were mainly loose portraits of after-party revelers, certainly something that Lister has seen plenty of with his high octane lifestyle. Take a look at some shots of the artist and the work from the London showspace below… Photo credit: Ian Cox / Wallkandy. Discuss these shows here. Discuss Anthony Lister here.

Studio Visits: Paul Insect – “Out of Chaos” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

Next Thursday, November 29th, Paul Insect will make his New York City solo debut with Opera Gallery. Entitled Out of Chaos, this exhibition is a fresh series of works projecting a world spinning out of control with visions of helplessness, but also a sense of hope as one emerges from the storm. Using art as a tool to capture and analyze the maelstrom of marketing and pop iconography, Mr. Insect gives the Big Apple a taste of his unique artistic perspective and humor. In preparation […]

Openings: AJ Fosik – “Lamplighter to the Promised Land” @ Guerrero Gallery

Last weekend, AM stopped by San Francisco’s Guerrero Gallery to check out opening of Lamplighter to the Promised Land that features AJ Fosik’s latest wooden sculptures. We visited Fosik a few weeks back at his Portland studio while he was preparing for the show (which can be viewed here). With this exhibition, he created sculptures to portray creatures in a glorified manner that challenges the concept of belief as a virtue – in other words, they are trippy/bad-ass beasts. Check out more photos from the […]

Openings: Futura, Matta, Phase 2 & Rammellzee – “Deep Space” @ Joseph Nahmad

Joseph Nahmad, known for his pop-up events, recently presented a group show in New York’s Meatpacking district with Nemo Librizzi (who curated Futura’s recent showing at Valmorbida). Entitled Deep Space, this exhibition featured four noted street & graffiti legends Futura, Phase 2, Matta and Rammellzee. Using an interesting approach, this show was not just a collection of freshly made works but was instead a mini survey of old and new works from each of the four artists. The exhibition examined the historical journey of each artist and […]

Openings: Ron English – “Crucial Fiction” @ Opera Gallery (New York)

The master of “Popaganda” has been a busy man lately. After an epic four story mural in Manhattan, Ron English (featured) unveiled a fresh body of works at New York’s Opera Gallery entitled Crucial Fiction. This new series took a shot at the commercialization of our pop culture and  it was great to see Ron working his incredible mix of wit and painting technique as no topic was held sacred. From Captain Crunch & Mickey Mouse to the Rolling Stones & The Incredible Hulk, Mr. English had ideas of […]

El Mac x Adobe Campus (Utah)

The Los-Angeles based El Mac recently took another trip to the American Southwest (also see New Mexico) where he worked on a new project in Utah. This mural, created in his signature style, was completed on the Adobe campus just south of Salt Lake City and was organized by the RAPT Studio out of SF. If you look closely, you can see the faint tracings of binary code in the background. Check the details below… Portraits of the artist by Weston Colton, all other photos via the […]