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Streets: Barry McGee – Brooklyn (Part II)

We recently gave you a first look at Barry McGee mural that was in progress at Brooklyn’s Mark Morris Dance Group. Now, the mural which incorporates the Bay Area legend’s classic portrait heads and geometric designs has been completed. With the assistance from Colossal Media, the eight story high mural took about a week to finish. Seen from the local streets, this well using Twist’s signature cluster panel paintings was a sight to behold. Check out the details below…. Discuss Barry McGee here.

Preview / Studio Visit: Mark Warren Jacques – ‘Each Story In This Story Has A Story’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

AM has always seen Mark Warren Jacques (interviewed) as much as a storyteller as an artist since we became immersed in his work a number of years ago. His latest solo exhibition opens this Thursday at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery and is entitled Each Story In This Story Has A Story. Heartfelt sentiments interlaced with abstracted narrative, explosive colours and the very tightest of line-work are just some of the elements that are to be found within his work. We got to spend some time with Mark and […]

Openings: Yue Minjun – “The Tao of Laughter” @ Harbour City – Part II (Hong Kong)

After bringing you photos of Yue Minjun’s showing of his new silkscreen works on display at Harbour City in Hong Kong, we head outside to check out the new sculptural installation. Displayed at the forecourt of Ocean Terminal, the five new sculptures that utilize his iconic “silly man” imagery and is inspired by inspired by Lao Zi’s 6th century classical text on Taoism known as Tao Te Ching. Photos via Hypebeast (except portrait photos courtesy of Harbour City). Discuss Yue Minjun here.

Streets: ROA (South Africa)

Following the opening of his latest solo show in San Francisco (covered), prolific traveler and street artist ROA has landed in South Africa for ART JOBURG. Presented by adidas Originals, the month long project brings in five muralists (also including Remed, Steve “ESPO” Powers, Falko, and Cameron Platter) into the heart of Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg’s central art district for large-scale public art. For his part, the Belgium-based ROA painted his signature animals, indigenous to the location (like he did in Australia), and threw them up on the side of […]

Jen Stark – “To the Power Of” @ Martha Otero

Yesterday, Jen Stark’s To the Power Of exhibition kicked off at the Martha Otero Gallery, her first solo ever in Los Angeles. Featuring the locally-based artist signature papercut sculptures, the complex multi-colored creations charmed attendees to the showing all night long. Interesting variations included a piece built directly into the wall as well as miniature works. Photo credit: theonepointeight for Arrested Motion. Discuss Jen Stark here.

Previews: Yoshitomo Nara – “Doggy Radio”

Last year, while AM was in Hong Kong, we had a chance to visit HOW2WORK studios and preview their special collaboration with blue-chip Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. Entitled Doggy Radio this unique project is a functional sculpture created by Nara and designed jointly between Sayers Studios & H2W. This beautiful limited edition artwork features Nara’s signature white dog (seen here), with the help of a specially placed “belly speaker” created by YAMAHA Lab, this lonesome puppy acts as a functional sound system. With easy access […]

Openings: Yue Minjun – “The Tao of Laughter” @ Harbour City – Part I (Hong Kong)

Over the weekend, Chinese blue-chip artist Yue Minjun opened his first ever Hong Kong exhibition at the Ocean Terminal (Harbour City). The Tao of Laughter included twelve new silkscreen works as well as publications for fans to peruse and will be open until October 14, 2012. Also, on display were new sculptures, also featuring his characters with his signature grin (more on this later). Photo credit: Layla Kawashima for Arrested Motion. Discuss Yue Minjun here.

Openings: Fame Festival 2012

After sharing tantalizing photos of some of this year’s Fame Festival murals and some video footage as well, we know have some shots documenting the opening of the group exhibition associated with the event. This year’s stellar lineup included of street artists like Ericailcane, Boris Hoppek, Conor Harrington, Moneyless, Cyop & Kaf, Vhils, Momo, & more and it looks like most of them contributed something to the exhibition including some more experimental ceramic works which is what the town of Grottaglie is known for. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. […]

Streets: MadC – “Jurassic Park Wall” (Germany)

Fans of street art who happen to be movie buffs as well might want to check out the work of MadC. This new mural (46 x 20 feet) in Germany is her interpretation of Jurassic Park chock full of dinosaurs, prehistoric imagery, a superimposed urban environment, and thrown in for good measure some graffiti. She describes the new wall with this phrase from one of the characters from the films  – Dr. Ian Malcolm – “once we are extinct, life will find a way.” If interested, […]

Openings: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery (Part 2)

Following directly on from Part 1 of our coverage of the busy Space//Form opening, AM now delves a little deeper pictorially into the artwork created for this huge group exhibition of 110 artists with a series of pictures where the art is more viewable (like the Mark Dean Veca installation above). To recap, all of the participating artists were given an identical 10×10 inch cradled timber panel by exhibition sponsor Ampersand as the medium to work on. The exhibition curator, Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis chose a brief […]