Over the years we have followed FAILE to China, Spain, the UK and way too many remote locations to list, but never did we expect to be crossing the seas to a place where the horse runs wild, Buddhism is the law of the land and the beef is no doubt to die for. That’s right ladies and gentleman, FAILE is headed to Ulan Bator, Mongolia, working in collaboration with Mongolian Sculptor, Bat Munkh and Arrested Motion is going to be bringing you all the juicy details.

Conceptualized in Brooklyn, New York, this incredible 16 plus ft. permanent sculpture will sit in Ulan Bator’s newly developed National Garden taking center stage on an enormous plot of land in excess of 1,650 acres. In addition, FAILE will also be working on a 10’x 25′ mural in a prime location in Ulan Bator. Needless to say, we will be bringing you the play-by-play as developments arise straight from Mongolia. In the meantime, we dropped by the new FAILE studio just in time to see them off.

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“FAILE-MASTERS OF LOVE AND FATE” …Ain’t that the truth!

Something tells me we should be expecting some huge things out of the newest FAILE studio.

New imagery, in the making…

Skater girl has a case of the landlocked blues.

Prayer Wheels – མ་ནི་ཆོས་འཁོར

There is something so telling and true about this imagery with the worlds current state of affairs. “I used to be worth something.”


You might just see a couple other artists up on this wall you recognize.

Welcome to the FAILE office.

“From Mongolia with Love” – Faile