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Streets: SHEONE – Zion Street Project (Africa)

SHEONE has been a busy little bee since his Paris collabo with Nick Walker. Traveling down to West Africa, the legendary writer worked on the ZION STREET PROJECT created by Wide Open Walls. SHEONE hit up 14 different villages in Gambia and beautified the structures that housed the residents living in the Ballabu Conservation Area. We look forward to seeing more as this project’s momentum continues to grow. Until then, check out the beautiful abstractions in the wild after the jump. Photography by Larry Makasutu.

Streets: London Instagram Roundup

It’s been a long while since the last Instagram Roundup from the streets of East London here on AM, so we thought it was about time we gathered some photos of what’s been happening over the last five months.  A favourite is definitely this great wall from Sweet Toof and Paul Insect, some wonderful painting by Conor Harrington, another visit from Sheffield artist Phlegm and new stabby women paste ups by Kid Acne and plenty more. There really is too much to talk about here, […]

Streets: World Roundup (April 16 – 22)

Our weekly summary of street work is lead off by this new piece by the Mexico-based Liqen, whose attention to detail and surreal imagery has not gone unnoticed. He states – “This April I was invited by the “collective tomato” to paint a mural on a recovery project Xanenetla neighborhood, a neighborhood with lots of history to Mexico in the city of Puebla. ”Elotl” in pre-Hispanic Nahuatl language, corn (maize cob) is the staple food of this nation, I wanted to join the family idea how strong is palpable here, making each grain a person or animal, as a unit of a set. For some time I kept this idea to represent Mexico. Other notable walls last week include work from […]

Rewind: April 16 – April 22

For this week’s Rewind, we like to bring your attention to this footage of Beastie Boy Mike D introducing his multi-media arts and food extravaganza – Transmissions LA: AV Club currently showing the Geffen MOCA (via NOWNESS). Stop by for yourself if you can. Other videos that caught our eye include: Closer look at the Ben Jones video install for Transmissions LA: AV Club (via TWBE). RETNA has a trailer for his recently opened show in Mexico. A trailer for Tom Sach’s show opening on […]

Streets: FAILE (Brooklyn)

After working their magic on the iconic Houston & Bowery mural location in New York last year, Faile (featured) returns with another sweet project. Making use the some elements seen in their ambitious Faile Temple installation (covered) in Portugal back in 2010 and offered as part of the soldout studio edition book, they installed the tiles on a building at 104 N. 7th Street in Brooklyn. See the dedicated site to this project here or check out more photos after the jump…

Interview: Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock is an internationally known director, producer, and writer famous for such documentaries as Super Size Me, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, and the recently released Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Opening on April 28 will be the debut of his first curated art exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City.  Although he’s one busy man, Arrested Motion had the fortunate opportunity to catch up with him and discuss his interest in collecting art, his future in performance art, and his previous quest […]

Streets: Yoskay Yamamoto (Los Angeles) Part I

Something that has come up in conversations the last several times we have seen Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) has been his desire to take his artistic vision to the next level with a large-scale mural. With his latest solo show (covered) successfully opened, it looks like the LA-based artist has taken the opportunity to go big at the Branded Arts complex in Culver City with the support of LeBasse Projects. His wall is sandwiched between work by Dabs Myla & Cyrcle. and features his painterly techniques as […]

Overtime: April 16 – April 22

Phlegm working on another new book. See some of the drawings. Instagram recommends AM [other IG accounts: arrestedmotion_sleepboy, khoi08, svenman, sazajane, rhinomilk, marcusslo, lowpro] RIP: Influential Chicago gallerist Donald Young.  Dead at 69. US returns 16th century painting to heirs of Jewish man who died before Nazis stormed France. Suspected father and daughter art forging team arrested in Moscow. Italian museum director protests anti-austerity measures by burning art. Occupy Wall Street joins labor dispute protests against Frieze New York. Aidan, Marat Guelman and XL: three […]

Art Focus: Jennifer Celio

This week’s Art Focus takes us to Long Beach, California where Jennifer Celio works with graphite on paper to create landscapes of a world where certain environmental issues have been amplified to get her message across.  Whether it is forests of cellphone tower trees, or where every house either has an oil pump or a wind turbine, her attention to detail and her clever manipulation of reality make her pieces stand out. Today is the last day to see her drawings in person at the […]

Streets: M-City (Germany)

The Polish street artist known as M-City recently left his mark in the German city of Neuss for Fest-architektur. While he is known for his industrial, mechanical, and architectural inspired imagery, this newest mural features the addition of some aquatic elements making for an interesting juxtaposition. A closer look after the jump…