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Openings: Nils Müller – “Vandals” @ Ruttkowski;68

Former graffiti artist and self-taught photographer Nils Müller opened his solo show at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne, Germany, last Friday, the 24th of June. The show followed up his recently released book Vandals and it was the official release of the limited edition of the book as well(we are still giving away one copy of these HERE). The exhibition consisted of large photographs from the book, showcasing the risky and rarely seen side of graffiti culture in its most genuine form – train bombing. Müller traveled the globe following different […]

Openings: Ryan McGinley – “Running Water, What Are You Running From?” @ Bischoff Projects

Earlier this month, Bischoff Projects in Frankfurt hosted a new showing from Ryan McGinley entitled Running Water, What Are You Running From? In addition to large-scale editions of the New York-based artist’s photos, there were also some smaller prints that were arranged in a cluster against one wall. Take a look at a selection of installation shots as well as photos from the opening below… Photo credit: Purple Diary & Bischoff Projects. Discuss Ryan McGinley here.

Openings: Hendrik Beikirch / ECB – “Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides” @ Ruttkowski;68

German artist Hendrik Beikirch / ECB recently opened his solo show “Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides” @ Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne, Germany on 5th of April (previewed). Along with works on canvas that he prepared exclusive for this occasion, the artist introduced himself with a big scale mural he did in Cologne. Again, the main motif of his works are portraits of random people he encountered and met during his world travels. All done using his signature medium of India ink, acrylic paint, and spray paint, […]

Upcoming: Ryan McGinley – “Running Water, What Are You Running From?” @ Bischoff Projects

Ryan McGinley, whose Blue Falling is the newest image for the High Line billboard commission in New York, is also planning a solo show in Germany. Opening April 6th, this Saturday, Running Water, What Are You Running From? at Bischoff Projects in Frankfurt will feature the ebullient photography of the NY-based artist, who plans to be in attendance. Make sure to make plans to head over for the opening if you are in the area to see one of the fastest rising young stars in the field. Discuss Ryan McGinley here.

Preview: Hendrik Beikirch / ECB – “Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides” @ Ruttkowski;68

German artist and muralist, Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB, is opening his 2nd solo show with Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne, Germany, on 5th of April. Two years after his last solo show, ECB is back to Cologne with an exhibition simply described/titled “Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides”. As fans of his work might know, portraits that tell a story are signature motif both in his large-scale murals, and canvase works. Instead of illustrating famous people, he draws attention to those who have a […]

Streets: MadC – “Jurassic Park Wall” (Germany)

Fans of street art who happen to be movie buffs as well might want to check out the work of MadC. This new mural (46 x 20 feet) in Germany is her interpretation of Jurassic Park chock full of dinosaurs, prehistoric imagery, a superimposed urban environment, and thrown in for good measure some graffiti. She describes the new wall with this phrase from one of the characters from the films  – Dr. Ian Malcolm – “once we are extinct, life will find a way.” If interested, […]

Openings: Art Nerd New York – “George Hearts Maria” @ Helium Cowboy

Our friends at Art Nerd New York recently invaded Hamburg, Germany for a special group show at Helium Cowboy. The exhibition entitled George Hearts Maria is themed around the tale of forbidden romance between the Prince George of Wales and commoner Maria Fitzherbert. While separated, they each had miniature eyes (of each other) painted so they could stare at them without getting caught by the royal family. Artists such as Allison Sommers, Beau Stannton, Ian Kuali’i, Jon Burgerman, Molly Crabapple, Ryan Brennan, Zac Braun and […]

Streets: Megx – “Lego Bridge” (Germany)

Giving into childhood nostalgia, Megx (Martin Heuwold) has painted an old train overpass in Germany to resemble LEGO blocks. The whimsical painted installation on the bridge  in Wuppertal, which has now been converted into a bicycle and pedestrian path, took the street artist nearly four weeks to complete. The result is certainly better, or at least more interesting, than before – don’t you agree? Via Designboom.

Streets: Case (Germany)

Last we met Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case, it was in Los Angeles where he was showing in a group show at LeBasse Projects (covered) as well as hitting the streets with friends and fellow Germans Hera and Akut. It was then that we became increasingly enamored with his technique, spray skills, and imagery. This recent mural he painted in his home country in Schmalkalden a a newly opened skatepark only serves to remind us of this love for his special style.

Streets: M-City (Germany)

The Polish street artist known as M-City recently left his mark in the German city of Neuss for Fest-architektur. While he is known for his industrial, mechanical, and architectural inspired imagery, this newest mural features the addition of some aquatic elements making for an interesting juxtaposition. A closer look after the jump…