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Highlights: Recommended Openings for Aug 26 – 28

The dog days of August come to an end this week as the art machine prepares to kick back into full gear come next week with the official start of the fall art season. As for this weekend, the big event would have to be Cannibal Flower’s big 10 Year Anniversary Show this Saturday in downtown Los Angeles. Cannibal Flower has been going strong for a decade helping to provide that launching point for emerging artists. The list of artists that have passed through Cannibal […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings (Aug 19 – 21)

Bit of a slow weekend as the dog days of August come to an end soon and the art world gears back up for things this coming September. By far, the big event leading the charge is BAST’s return to London at Lazarides. I just saw the preview and BAST has taken things up a notch with hand-painted acrylic works on canvas playing off his mixed-media collage style as well as some beautiful sculptural wall pieces. If in London this week, don’t miss it! More […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings for this Weekend

With the quiet summer art season in full effect, the list of recommended shows is shorter than usual but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any quality shows. For example, take a look at the possible crazy installs coming up for David Choong Lee as he gets ready for his show at LeBasse Projects this weekend. As the art world becomes increasingly year-round, eventually there will probably be no lulls in the calendar at all. More listings after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended Openings – San Diego Comic-Con 2010

There is no shortage of art related events at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 happening off the convention floor. After meeting your favorite artists during one of their signing events, unwind by checking out some of the excellent art shows currently on exhibit or enjoy a drink while watching some live painting. There’s no better way to relax after a long day of walking around at the Con. Get a full overview of the best art events during Comic-Con 2010 after the jump.

Highlights: Recommended Openings (July 15-17)

There are some major shows taking place this weekend the world over, but none more important than the major ‘Viva La Revolucion’ show down in San Diego at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art that opens this Saturday evening. Curated by Pedro Alonzo, the man responsible for Shepard’s recent museum show at the ICA Boston has pulled out all the stops for this one. See our coverage of the show and surrounding outdoor installs coming together here and be sure to get down to […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings for the Weekend

The art world is on fire this weekend – so many major shows opening around the world. Los Angeles leads the charge with major solo shows opening this weekend from the likes of Dennis Hopper (MOCA), Natalia Fabia (Corey Helford Gallery), Yosuke Ueno (Thinkspace), Jonathan Yeo (Lazarides), Jim Houser (Subliminal Projects), and Boogie (Carmichael Gallery), not to mention the annual ‘Crazy 4 Cult’ group show at Gallery 1988. Not to be outdone, NYC is host to some major shows this weekend with Josh Liner being […]

Highlights: Recommended openings for June 16 – June 19

Summer is in full-swing as we lead into the middle of June. Some major events are going down this week including the big debut of “Mr. Bitchin'”, Robert Williams’ new movie. Other shows on our radar include big Barry McGee & Clare Rojas museum show in Bolinas along with the opening of one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world – Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland featuring a solo showing of works from Kris Kuksi at Joshua Liner’s booth at the fair.

Highlights: Recommended openings (June 3rd – June 6th)

June has begun and with it an onslaught of shows across the globe. Leading the charge this week, due to the sheer breadth of shows, is Los Angeles. The massive Culver City Art Walk takes places this Saturday with many of the galleries doing special group shows for this event and if you still have it in you after trekking about Culver City there are huge shows from the likes of, Mike Stilkey (interviewed), Skullphone and a showing of later works from Andy Warhol at the […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings for This Weekend (May 28th & 29th)

Bit of a slow weekend as we ramp up for the HUGE amount of shows on tap for this coming June. By far the biggest event this weekend goes down in Paris, France – the return of the legendary NYC graffiti writer SEEN at Galerie Magda Danysz. As a pioneer of the street art movement, Richard Mirando, aka SEEN, has blazed a trail that many aspire too and few will ever match. The rest of the schedule after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended openings for this May 13 – 16

NYC is rocking it yet again this weekend – the big Charming Baker popup show, ROA continues to kill it in Brooklyn, Scott Musgrove returns to LeVine and the Willoughby Windows Project returns to the desolate storefronts of Brooklyn… the Big Apple is just on fire this weekend. Not to be outdone, the UK has the big ‘Art From The New World‘ show from Corey Helford Gallery rocking things up north at the Bristol City Museum and Gallery. Too much good stuff for one person […]