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Releases: Jeff Koons, Pharrell Williams-Designed Limited Edition Kiehl’s Bottles

For those looking to improve the look of their skin, tighten their pores and clarify and balance their skin’s texture while at the same time raising money for a worthy cause and adding some great art to their lives, today is your lucky day. In celebration of Earth Day, the beloved brand Kiehl’s has recruited Jeff Koons, Pharrell Williams, Julianne Moore, and surfer Malia Jones to design limited edition bottle labels for their Acai Damage-Protecting Mist, as part of their “Friends of Kiehl’s” initiative. More […]

Openings: Shaquille O’Neal – “Size Does Matter” @ Flag Art Foundation

Shaquille O’Neal’s curatorial debut opened at Flag Art Foundation this past Friday to a mass of curious art fans. A line filled the lobby just for the elevator up to the duplex gallery space on the 9th and 10th floor. The massive gallery space was justly utilized to house both the ginormous and microscopic pieces that represented the show’s theme “Size Matters”. “The Big Curator” did a nice job not only picking some of the top names in the industry, but also selecting some very relevant […]

Shaquille O’Neal curates “Size DOES Matters” @ Flag Art Foundation

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is known by many nicknames: “the Big Aristotle”, “the MDE”, “the Big Shaqtus”, “The Big Baryshnikov” and we can now dub him “the Big Curator”? Yup, “the Diesel” is putting yet another one of his “talents” (although sounds like he got some help) to use as he’s curating an exhibition this Friday, February 19th at the Flag Art Foundation in New York. On paper, Shaq certainly seems qualified to be involved with the show, entitled “Size DOES Matters”, as he’s definitely has dealt […]

Studio Visits: Jeff Koons – 17th BMW Art Car Artist Announcement

Since 1975, BMW has commissioned many legendary artists to add their vision of automotive design to their renowned “Art Car” program, some of which we saw on a visit to LACMA. From Andy Warhol to Alexander Calder to Roy Lichtenstein, each iconic artist makes their own unique artistic twist on the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. And for the 17th edition, Jeff Koons was selected to participate in this storied tradition. To celebrate, Jeff opened up his studio for a rare peek into his Manhattan “factory” located […]

Video: Jonathan Yeo x Tate Shots

Tate Modern continues its “Tateshots” series with a video tour of their “Pop Life” show (covered). Their selection for the guest tour guide is none other than Jonathan Yeo, whose controversial portraits and artwork often utilize pornographic imagery. Jonathan gives us his unique take on some of the “erotic” elements of “Pop Life” from Jeff Koons to Andy Warhol. Discuss this show here.

“At Work” with Jeff Koons

Artinfo has an interesting article that gives a insider look into Jeff Koons’ studio and more importantly, some insight into the man himself. The article was written by Samantha Peale who worked under Koons as an assistant. Her story definitely gave us more of an appreciation for Koons creative process and his art. A short excerpt: Koons had a sixth sense about materials no one had invented and about ways to use them no one had conceived. Laser-cut stainless steel coated with a transparent hologram […]

Jeff Koons & Damien Hirst Prices Drop 50%

Two of the biggest stars of the art boom in the latter part of the last decade, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, were bound to feel the effects of the down economy. It’s taken some time to compile the data of all the fallout but it looks like their works have taken about a 50% hit in value since those happier times. On the brighter side, sounds as though the fairly or unfairly portrayed scapegoats of the art world’s extravagance should make a recovery eventually, […]

Releases/Signing: Jeff Koons – “Hulk Elvis” Book (NYC)

Jeff Koons, who recently opened a solo exhibition in LA at the Gagosian, will be making an appearance at the New York branch for a book signing. The new 138 page publication “Hulk Elvis” features his series of similarly named paintings and is available on the Gagosian webstore. So, if you want to meet the artist, make your way over to 988 Madison Avenue tonight at 6-8 pm. Via Hypebeast. Discuss Koons here.

Koons Train Derailed

The Jeff Koons – LACMA $25 million train project previously reported here appears to have hit a snag on the rails, err road. The idea may have sounded great several years ago, but with the current economic climate and in light of the decline of museum’s investment portfolio and donations, the project has been delayed and may be shelved completely. Via Bloomberg. Discuss Jeff Koons here.

Releases: Charles Saatchi – “My Name Is…” Book

Phaidon Press recently released this intriguing title by world renowned art dealer, collector and ad man Charles Saatchi. Known for his reclusive nature, Saatchi has apparently stepped into the spotlight to answer 200 questions from journalists, art critics and members of the public, all with unabashed honesty. An excerpt of ten question after the jump.