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Preview: Jonathan LeVine Gallery – “Annual Summer Invitational”

The cool thing about the “Annual Summer Invitational” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is that we get to see some fresh faces that haven’t had an opportunity to grace the gallery walls before. As mentioned earlier, this year’s lineup looks promising with many faces familiar to AM readers taking stage with brand new works. Artists such as Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed), Tran Nguyen, Alex McLeod, Andrew Hem (interviewed), Becca Midwood, Evol, Judith Supine, Lola (featured), Morgan Slade, Marco Mazzoni, Nate Frizzell (featured), Oliver Warden and Oscar de las Flores […]

Teaser: Jonathan Levine – “Annual Summer Invitational”

Summer is usually a time to relax for the art world, but the crew Jonathan LeVine Gallery is hard at work putting together their “Annual Summer Invitational” roster. The group show, which opens August 4th, will host a slew of artists new to the gallery such as Nicoletta Ceccoli, Tran Nguyen, Alex McLeod, Andrew Hem, Becca Midwood, Evol, Judith Supine, Lola, Morgan Slade, Marco Mazzoni, Nate Frizzell, Oliver Warden and Oscar de las Flores. Here’s a piece from AM favorite Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed) named “Tear Drop Pearls” […]

Preview/Installation: Date Farmers – “Smother Your Mother” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

The Coachella Valley collective Date Farmers (aka: Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez) are about to open up a new solo at Jonathan Levine Gallery. “Smother Your Mother” is truly as it sounds – we were overwhelmed by the colors, mediums and works that were created when we stop by the gallery to check out their installation progress. Really rolling up their sleeves, Armando and Carlos were focused on creating an environment that grabs at the viewers, from Yoda, Prison Shanks, and their trademark symbols on found material, […]

Openings: Saelee Oh – “Infinite Roots” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Saelee Oh capped off the trifecta opening alongside of Josh Keyes (covered) and Doze Green (covered) at JLG. The LA based artist filled the “gallery II” space with a multitude of mediums that cohesively brought together the theme “Infinite Roots.” Her upbeat works featuring female figures and animals floating in an organic environment interwoven with one another were fun to experience. Especially noteworthy were her hand cut paper images that expressed much via simple silhouette contrasts reminiscent of the renowned Kara Walker, another AM favorite. […]

Openings: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine

AM was in Chelsea last night for the latest much-anticipated solo show by Josh Keyes (interviewed), entitled “Fragment,” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. As expected, the large crowd was blown away by Keyes’ newest series of realistic-stylized portrayals of animals battling for survival against a hostile environment. And for the first time in a long time, Keyes included a human (non-statue) figure in one of his works – a portrait of himself presumably in a post-apocalyptic world – which takes a more direct approach in his […]

Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

When hype is built up, rarely does the show ever meet the expectations. Once in a blue moon does one actually surpass the expectations – which is exactly what this show did. Audrey Kawasaki opened up her much anticipated body of work “Hajimari – a prelude” (previewed) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery last weekend in New York City. The sold-out show drew a max capacity crowd that overflowed from the packed gallery space into the adjacent hallways. There were three lines going the whole night – one to get […]

Openings: Jim Houser / “True Self” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Friday night, AM had the pleasure of attending the preview opening of two shows at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. In the front was the “True Self” group show curated by Gary Baseman (previewed), in which an impressive selection of artists, including James Jean, James Marshall and Ron English, were asked to submit work that they felt represented “their true passion or obsession.” In the second gallery was a solo show by Jim Houser, entitled “Make Room for the Emptiness.” Houser combines and recombines characters, symbols […]

Preview: “True Self” curated by Gary Baseman @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

BT alumni Gary Baseman (interviewed) is curating a fabulous group show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery this Saturday (Oct. 24th). Aptly named “True Self”, the show encourages each artist to look deep inside themselves and create an image which they feel represents their own passion or obsession. The show has a stacked roster of strong participants such as Adam Wallacavage, Christian Clayton (featured), Cleon Peterson, Dalek (interviewed), Dave Cooper, Eric White (interviewed), Esther Pearl Watson, Friends With You, Gary Taxali, James Jean (interviewed), Korin Faught, Lola, Luke […]

Releases: Matt Haber “Sniper” Silkscreen Print

Sometime tomorrow, Kentucky-based gallery/print house The BLDG will be releasing a new silkscreen print by Brooklyn artist Matt Haber, who is currently participating in Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s summer group show Beach Blanket Bingo (covered). The 15.5″ x 20″, 9-color, handpulled print, entitled Sniper, is an edition of 100 and will be priced at $125. Available here.

Openings: “Beach Blanket Bingo” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

AM recently attended the festive opening of Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s summer group show, entitled Beach Blanket Bingo. Chilling and chatting by the inflatable palm oases with a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon was a fun way to appreciate works by the over thirty participating artists, including Matt Haber, Seonna Hong, Elbow Toe, Richard Colman and Ron English. Check out the images after the jump for a selection of our favorites.