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Streets/Video: Know Hope – “Take At Least This Burden From Me”

Know Hope (interviewed, who we last saw collaborating with Aakash Nihalani at the Blk River Festival in Vienna, has now put up another piece, this time in his native Israel. Always uplifting, his work is a breath of fresh air… Take a look at the video as he carefully assembles his cutouts and installs it in a sweet spot. Pics after the jump…

Preview: “Go Get Your Shinebox” @ Brooklynite Gallery

Brooklynite Gallery has a pretty interesting show opening on the 21st of this month entitled “Go Get Your Shinebox.” Artists were asked to create their vision of what a “shoeshine box” was, the simplest way to make a living during the economic downturn and perhaps even take a step further to create “survival boxes.” With such a open ended theme show, you can expect a varied response with boxes of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at more after the jump…

Video/Openings: Know Hope and Aakash Nihalani @ the Blk River Festival

Know Hope (interviewed) and Aakash Nihalani recently took part in Vienna’s Blk River Festival. The event, which is composed of three parts – outdoor projects, an art show, and film festival – is the city’s first festival dedicated to street art. Know Hope sent us this fantastic time lapse of a collaboration piece with Aakash alongside the waters of the Danube (known as the Black River because it originates in the Black Forest and empties into the Black Sea). After you’ve checked it out, take […]

Teaser: “The Thousands” Group Exhibition @ Village Underground

Compile a list of the most important international street artists historically and contemporaneously and chances are, the names you have chosen are included in “The Thousands,” the most expansive street art exhibition to hit London this year. The show has been organized by AM’s friend RJ of Vandalog and aims to celebrate the achievements of street artists around the world and aid in solidifying their rightful place in art history. Set in the main atrium of Village Underground, “The Thousands” will open November 18th and run through November 22nd. A companion book will be published by Drago Lab to commemorate […]

Preview: Nuart Festival 2009

AM is very excited about Nuart 2009, one of the most celebrated annual street art festivals. Based in Stavanger, Norway, it has attracted some of the world’s finest over the years, including Herakut (07, 08) (interviewed), Chris Stain (interviewed) (08), Blek le Rat (07, 08), D*Face (06, 07, 08), Eine (07, 08), Slinkachu (07), Know Hope (interviewed) (08), Word To Mother (interviewed) (07, 08), Dotmasters (06, 07, 08), Logan Hicks (interviewed) (07), Nick Walker (interviewed) (06, 07, 08), M-City (07), Sten and Lex (08) and […]

Interviews: Know Hope

When we were passed this fantastic interview between our friend Thomas Dunlap and Know Hope, we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. The conversation took place during Know Hope’s recent LA solo show at Carmichael Gallery, “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)“ (covered) and provides some insight into the artist’s creative process and the symbolism in his work.

Streets/Video: Know Hope

After his amazing debut Los Angeles solo show, Israeli street artist Know Hope made his way over to the Big Apple and worked a pretty sick street mural at the Hotel Chelsea that was commissioned by No Longer Empty. Luckily for us, all the action was caught on the time-lapse video above. Discuss Know Hope here.

Openings: Know Hope – “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” @ Carmichael Gallery

Israeli street artist Know Hope’s Los Angeles solo debut “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” (previewed) opened to a packed house at the Carmichael Gallery. Patrons were in awe with his intricate gallery installation echoing the theme of the show, which was comprised of cardboard buildings, his signature characters, paper raindrops and fishing twine. Equally as impressive was Know Hope’s latest series of works, which featured a free-form poem of sorts, with a powerful coupling of words and images of his characters in […]

Preview/Setup: Know Hope – “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” @ Carmichael Gallery

AM stopped by the Carmichael Gallery to check out the progress of Israeli street artist Know Hope’s first Los Angeles solo debut “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” (teased) opening tomorrow, Thursday, June 4th. His intricate gallery installation, comprised of paper raindrops, fishing twine and a lot of cardboard was really coming together. We were equally impressed with Know Hope’s new work for the show. His large mixed-media pieces just keep getting better and we were delightfully surprised to see that […]

Teaser: Know Hope – “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” @ Carmichael Gallery

Israeli street artist Know Hope makes his Los Angeles solo debut at Carmichael Gallery on Thursday, June 4th. Best known for his thought-provoking mixed media pieces, inspiring poetry and intricate gallery installations, Know Hope is going big for his plans in the City of Angels. Know Hope will transform the gallery with a mix of paper raindrops, fishing twine and hundreds of sheets of cardboard so that patrons can literally step into one of his art pieces to interact with the space and life-sized cutouts of […]