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Streets: ROA (Copenhagen)

After recent visits by Shepard Fairey (covered) and COPE2 (covered), another artist heads over to make his mark in Copenhagen – ROA.  The Belgium-based artist was in town for the Galore Festival taking place in the the cultural zone of Toftegårds place in Valby. For his part, the prolific street artist decided to wrap what looks like a scaled serpent painted in his distinctive anatomic style around a tower. After this, he’ll probably be heading to Vienna soon for his solo opening there on the […]

Streets / Teaser: ROA @ INOPERAbLE (Vienna)

Unstoppable Belgium street artist ROA will be hitting up Vienna next with a show on August 26th at INOPERAbLE. He was only recently in Berlin for a solo show in July where he painted up the indoor and outdoor spaces in the city.  No doubt he will be doing the same for Austria with this mural being the first image to be released. Discuss ROA here.

Streets: ROA (Berlin)

Belgium-based ROA was recently in Berlin for a solo showing (covered) and of course, he couldn’t leave town without painting some walls. The massive project came together with the help of KJOSK & Skalitzers and features some of his signature imagery of creatures hung up and stacked together. More photos by Just for Ekosystem after the jump…

Openings: ROA – “Transit” @ Skalitzers (Berlin)

Last Saturday night in Berlin, ROA returns to Germany (see Cologne 2010) and transformed Skalitzers into a personal playground for his anatomically exposed creatures. Employing wall murals, including one that cleverly incorporates a doorway, as well as movable paintings on found objects, showgoers were invited to play and interact with the Belgium-based artist’s new work collectively entitled Transit. More photos taken for us by Henrik Haven after the jump.

Preview: ROA @ Skalitzers (Berlin)

Globetrotting street phenomenon ROA has touched down in Berlin and is currently setting up his show at Skalitzers. Not only will fans in Germany be treated to complex installations and ingenius moving-part paintings, the Belgium-based artist will be releasing his first book – ROA: An Introduction To Animal Representation by Mammal Press. Don’t miss the opening Saturday night, July 9th – we’ll see you there. A couple more teaser shots after the jump.

Streets: ROA (Paris)

It looks like the prolific anatomical street artist ROA has recently added his name to the long list of artists that have been invited by the Le Mur association in Paris to paint their billboard.  Others who have been by before include Zevs, C215, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Swoon, Above and Nick Walker, although it looks like the Belgium-based painter is one of the only ones to creatively utilize the surrounding space with his x-ray vision. More pics via Street Art News after the jump…

Video: ROA – “Four Horses Of The Apocalypse” Timelapse

You may remember back in April we wrote about the massive piece Belgian street specialist ROA put up at Unit44 as part of their White Walls Project in Newcastle. Entitled Four Horses Of The Apocalypse, it may be his most complex mural to date so enjoy the footage in the video above as you watch the a master at work. Via Hooked Blog. Discuss ROA here.

Streets: ROA (San Francisco)

It would have been a shame if Belgian street artist ROA had a show at White Walls in San Francisco (covered) and didn’t leave behind any artwork in the streets of the city… Fortunately he thought so too. After his Nocal show opening and then his gracing of the walls of MOCA’s “Art In the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles (covered), he made sure to allot some time to return for the closing party in SF on Saturday night, as well as hit up a […]

Openings: ROA – “New Works” @ White Walls

The White Walls gallery opened the doors to Belgium-based street artist, ROA’s first San Francisco solo exhibition Saturday night. Leading up to the show, information and images were shrouded in secrecy as ROA methodically put on the final touches up to the show’s opening (as evidenced by his hands covered in black paint). The show featured his signature array of finely detailed spray painted animals, sometimes in various stages of dissection and decay.  The work was done on found objects (such as metal panels, metal […]

Streets / Teaser: ROA – “New Works” @ White Walls

Take a look at this complex piece from ROA from back in February at Unit44 entitled The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse.  The mural was painted for the White Walls project in Newcastle which is a coincidence because the Belgium-based artist will be opening a show this Saturday night, April 9th, at the White Walls gallery in San Francisco. This sweet stack of animals and skeletons was the first time the prolific street artist has incorporated color into one of his walls, so it will […]