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Streets: Roa in Paris

Belgium-based street artist Roa continues his assault on decrepit buildings and infrastructure with some new work from Paris, possibly done when he was in town for his show at Galerie Itinerrance. As usual, many of his pieces are created in such a way to playfully interact with all the nooks and crannies at his carefully selected sites. More images on Unurth and after the jump…

Openings: Roa @ Galerie Itinerrance

As mentioned earlier this week, street artist Roa has brought his outside work indoors for his show in Paris at Galerie Itinerrance. We were wondering if the scale of the Belgium-based artist would translate well in a gallery setting, but it seems with plenty of large murals, he has answered with a resounding “Yes!” Looks like he has also preserved some of the nuances of his work that has generated the most favor with his fan base like the peeks at the inner anatomy of […]

Roa shows in Cologne & Paris

Up-and-coming Belgium-based street artist Roa had a show open last weekend (running until March 13th) in Germany at the ArtyFarty Gallery. As you can see in the picture above, he also found time to get up some pieces in and around the streets of Cologne. He will also no doubt do the same in Paris if he plans on attending his show opening there this Thursday, February 4th, at Galerie Itinerrance. Roa’s has made his name by wandering the streets of Europe putting up large-scale […]