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FAME Festival: JR, Judith Supine, Ericailcane, Sam3

Things have been busy over at FAME Festival since we last gave a report (see our coverage here). Ericailcane has finished up a new mural, Judith Supine has put up his first piece, and JR and Sam3 have created some fantastic new prints (see JR’s above). Fans of the French artist may recall the original piece from the “Self Portraits” show at Circle Culture (previewed and covered). Take a look at the new work from Judith, Ericailcane and Sam3 after the jump.

FAME Festival: Sam3

We are always happy to see more photos from FAME Fest. Here is a new selection of pieces by Sam3. Check out that great Ericailcane piece from last year’s event peeking out from under the arch as he works! We love this beautiful monastery that the artists have been painting in; it really makes the work come alive. Read the rest of our coverage of FAME Fest here. More pics after the jump.

FAME Festival: Mark Jenkins, Sam3, and Vhils

Mark Jenkins is shaking things up at FAME Festival (covered here). AM’s favorite tape sculptor has grabbed Grottaglie’s attention with an impressive installation on one of the town’s characteristically charming buildings.  As director Angelo Milano describes it, “Everybody was cool and smiling, including the old lady screaming, “Ggiovine!?! Ggiovvine!! Ascinne!” (English: “Hey boy!?! Hey boy!! Get down!”)

Teaser: FAME Festival 2009

Studio Cromie just announced their lineup for “FAME Festival 2009,” an outdoor art event held from June through September in which street and contemporary artists from across the globe descend on Italy to create some spectacular murals across the city of Grottaglie. The festival will draw to a close on September 19th with a group show featuring new work from the participating artists, print and book releases, as well as a tour around town to see all the artwork. This year’s lineup includes: Blu, Conor […]