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Openings: Richard Colman @ Guerrero Gallery

We last heard from Richard Colman when he showed in Toronto (covered) last year with Andrew Schoultz. This time around, he is showing alongside another talented artist, Alex Lukas (covered), at the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Lukas filled the project room with a selection of paintings and monochromatic works populated by a surreal mix of his hooded figures, nudes, and bears. Take a closer look at the opening and work in the photos below… Photo credit: Berlin Tomas (with installation shots by Randy Dodson). Discuss this show here. Discuss Richard Colman here.

Streets: Andrew Schoultz (SF)

Andrew Schoultz recently painted this mural in San Francisco on the side of Pop’s Bar on 24th and York Stree in the Mission District. The Victorian style structure was reinvigorated with the locally-based artist’s kinetic imagery including some of the motifs that appear commonly in his work – horses, bricks, telephone poles, and more. As you can see, the work navigated around the various architectural components as well as incorporated some existing graffiti. Discuss Andrew Schoultz here.

Openings: Alex Lukas @ Guerrero Gallery

Over the weekend, fans of Alex Lukas in the Bay Area saw the return of the Philadelphia-based artist to Guerrero Gallery with a new solo show. Along with what was seen during our studio visit with Lukas featuring his signature dsytopian imagery and submerged cities, the fresh pieces also included some interesting new developments. Among these were series of folded diazotype editions that gave a real dimensionality to his work as well as some pieces with a more abstract look or a “breakdown”  of elements […]

Preview: Alex Lukas & Richard Colman @ Guerrero Gallery

After a look into Alex Lukas’ studio as he prepared for his solo showing at Guerrero Gallery opening this Saturday night (May 11th) in San Francisco, it’s time to bring you some preview images from the Philly-based artist. Employing a series of printmaking techniques along traditional artistic processes, Lukas is able to create a new gritty look at American landscapes filled with graffiti, decay, and sometimes submerged after our worst fears of global warming come true. His works will be shown with Richard Colman’s in […]

Openings: Mike Shine – “Flotsam’s Harvest” @ White Walls

A couple months ago, White Walls in San Francisco played host to Flotsam’s Harvest by the Bolinas-based Mike Shine (featured). The exhibition consisted of an immersive installation featuring paintings, films, and performance art filled with symbolism and clues as to solve the dark “World Riddle” posed by Friedrich Nietzsche in his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra. If you recall, the German philosopher and poet also provided inspiration for Shine’s show in Los Angeles back in 2011 (covered). Check out the rest of the photos below… Photo credit: Joe Russo. Discuss Mike […]

Studio Visit: Alex Lukas @ Guerrero Gallery

As an encore to his shows in 2010 and 2011 at the Guerrero Gallery, the Philadelphia-based artist will be opening a new solo at the San Francisco showspace this Saturday (May 11th). Reinterpreting American landscapes with a post-apocalyptic tilt, Lukas’ work  imagines a possible desolate future filled with of destruction and violence. The work also sees him continuing to explore incorporating printmaking techniques with traditional artistic processes. Take a look with us inside his studio as he was preparing for the upcoming show. Discuss this show here. […]

Streets: Aryz (San Francisco) – Part I

As we shared with you a couple of weeks ago, Spanish artist Aryz has a show currently at Fifty24SF (covered). While in town, he has also started doing what he does best – getting up big on the streets of whatever city he is visiting. With the support of the gallery, WallSpaceSF, and Upper Playground, the young painter has been working on a large portrait located on Polk and Eddy Street. Take a look at more photos below… Photocredit: Fifty24SF. Discuss Aryz here.

Studio Visit: Francesco Igory Deiana

The San Francisco-based artist from Milan, Italy, Francesco Igory Deiana, welcomed us in his studio in Mission area of The City shortly after coming back from Boston where he helped Barry McGee setting up his big retrospective at the ICA in Boston. With his big European solo show in Germany last year behind him, and couple of other projects being ticked off the list, Deiana is currently working on a new body of work for couple of new events and projects, while spending most of his free time with his […]

Openings: Skewville – “Amusement” @ White Walls

A couple weeks ago, White Walls in San Francisco opened a new show from the Brooklyn-based twin brother duo, Skewville (featured). Amusement features about 30 different pieces painted on a mix of wood canvases and found materials as well as sculptural works – all created in their trademark “urban playground” style. Some standouts include wooden boomboxes and a merry-go-round built from retro Apollo bikes. Take a look at all the photos below… Photo credit: Joe Russo Discuss Skewville here.

Openings: Aryz – “Style Is The Limit” @ Fifty24SF

Spanish “wall painter” Aryz (pronounced ar-eez), opened his 1st US solo show last Friday at Fifty24SF in San Francisco. The young artist is mostly known for the large scale murals he has been painting from Europe through the US to Central and South America. His recognizable soft colors, subtle lines, transparent & “jelly” feeling character and objects, have enhanced many abandoned factories & big walls and has gained him a lot of popularity & respect among urban and street art fans. Titled Style is The Limit, the show […]