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Openings: Mr Jago – ‘New Co-ordinates’ & Poesia – ‘Reflexive’ @ White Walls & Shooting Gallery

If you have more than a passing interest in abstract graffiti, then White Walls and Shooting Gallery’s August double-header would have peaked your interest. Transcend members Mr Jago (seen above) from Bristol in the UK and local boy Poesia (seen below) opened a pair of solo exhibitions respectively entitled New Co-ordinates and Reflexive. Jago’s organic compositions have an ethereal flow, and whilst Poesia’s angular geometric biased work visually couldn’t be more different, both contain a similar dynamism within their work, forged from their pursuit of abstraction of the work […]

Interviews: Meryl Pataky ‘The Golden Hour’ @ Shooting Gallery

San Francisco based multi-disciplinary artist Meryl Pataky‘s work first caught our eye a couple of years back with her unique use of neon. Her solo exhibition The Golden Hour is set to open at SF’s Shooting Gallery on Saturday July 12th where she further explores her fascination with all things elemental, using helium gases within the neon works, iron in the framing and staging of the artworks, carbon within her rorschach deer hides and precious periodic elements Gold, Copper and Silver, which are formed during […]

Interviews: Poesia / Graffuturism – “L’Avenir” Group Exhibition

If you follow the Graffuturism blog you’re probably aware of its writer and curator – Poesia. He is one of the pioneers of abstract graffiti and a member of the Transcend collective who helped popularise this particular form of graffiti, pushing new styles into the public eye as the movement continues to gather momentum and break boundaries. This weekend on 14th December, White Walls Gallery in SF plays host to L’Avenir, a group exhibition that acts as an international survey of the Graffuturism movement and features Augustine […]

Previews: Lauren Napolitano – ‘A Well Marked Path’ @ Shooting Gallery

Next up at Shooting Gallery in SF is A Well-Marked Path, featuring new works by Oakland-based artist, Lauren Napolitano. Within this new body of work, expect an interesting installation from Napolitano, as her practice involves painting on found objects. Over 80 items are planned for the exhibition that will illustrate her influences – from traditional Mexican baskets and pottery to the deep-seated tradition of folk-art interspersed with a healthy nod toward the Mission-School aesthetic – all evident within her pattern based work. Antique porcelain dolls, hydroponic bulbs, antique bottles, […]

Openings: Samuel Lowder – “Time Machine” @ Shooting Gallery

Last Saturday evening, Shooting Gallery hosted the opening of Samuel Lowder aka Freprs’s exhibition entitled Time Machine. This ex-90’s graffiti artist has fully transitioned into creating pop art pieces incorporating layered stencils, with hidden details to be picked out when viewed closely. Time Machine takes the viewer back around 70 years with a cinematic feel with a colorful twist. Discuss Samuel Lower (Freprs) here.

Openings: C215 – “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” @ Shooting Gallery

Last Saturday, Shooting Gallery opened the doors to Parisian street stencil artist, C215’s latest solo show, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (previewed). The show is inspired by cigarette iconography and advertisements that lie and typically depict affluent people enjoying a smoke in order to sell their products to the common folk and working class. The stencil pieces in the show consists of fake adverts that depict everyday people who are actually smoking the cigarettes and are the targets of these corporations, but are never shown. […]

Openings: Pedro Matos – “Ephemera” @ Shooting Gallery

Portuguese artist, Pedro Matos opened his first U.S. solo show entitled Ephemera at Shooting Gallery Saturday night (previewed). This twenty-two year old artist has created a body of work that creates a political, social and moral dialogue by painting portraits of those who are often overlooked and forgotten by society. Highly recommended that you check out the work in person (if possible), as he has done a fine job in creating oil on canvas based works that also physically look like they are deteriorating and […]

Openings: Skinner – “The Fragile Art of Existence” @ Shooting Gallery

Never the one to shy away from challenging the viewer’s comfort zone while dragging them down to his own chaotic hell via the minions and demons from his mind, Skinner decided to take a step back from his usual creative process, which is typically done with a sense of attack and urgency. Last Saturday evening saw the opening of his latest show at Shooting Gallery, The Fragile Art of Existence, which features a new series of paintings where he decided to take a few risks […]

Openings: Anthony Sneed – “Grand Illusion” @ Shooting Gallery

Anthony Michael Sneed recently opened his solo exhibition Grand Illusion at San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery. The New York based artist has been previously known for his humorous works of retro 8-bit video game iconography, but this body of work is an elevation into a new level of abstraction and color theory. Utilizing simple palettes with detailed premeditated placement, Anthony created works that renders fantastic optical illusions in both 2-D and 3-D. His beautiful paintings and wooden installations seem to blend together effortlessly in the gallery […]

Openings: Yumiko Kayukawa – “Rock You in a Tatami Room” @ Shooting Gallery

Portland-based Japanese modern pop artist, Yumiko Kayukawa opened her seventh solo show at Shooting Gallery on Saturday in SF. The show featured her signature acrylic and ink based works full of color, girls, animals, personal narrative, and imagination. The show’s title, “Rock You in a Tatami Room” is derived from a term Yumiko came up with while creating the works in the show, which reflects her career and life in the U.S., as well as her style. We highly recommend seeing the show in person, […]