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Art HK ’10: Overview

With Art HK 2010 in full swing, we start out by showing you a mix of things that caught our eye before focusing in on some artists that we like. Anticipation has been high for the annual international fair in what is becoming the “East meets West” cultural hub of the region, especially with more blue-chip galleries joining the scrum for the dollars of the increasingly wealthy and eager collectors in Asia. Only time will tell if this will become the “Asian Art Basel”, but […]

Openings: San Francisco Fine Art Fair

Last weekend, the San Francisco Fine Art Fair returned to the Bay Area after almost a hiatus of almost a decade. Galleries close and far took advantage of this opportunity to show their wares to the eager local art community. AM was on hand to take some pics, all after the jump…

Overtime: April 4th – 10th

Nicole Dextras weedrobe sculptures (via booooooom). Kelsey Brookes work in progress. Google sued by artists and photographers. Lichtenstein’s homage to Monet. A peek at the Ed Templeton retrospective at S.M.A.K. Video interviews of Nunca & Futura. Non video interview of Os Gemeos. Stop-motion skateboard photography animation and flip-motion animation on crack. Artnews features Swoon, who was by the way, doing work in Zambia. Aakash Nihilani in reverse. Broken Fingaz channels Blu. Shepard Fairey temporarily on Melrose. Armsrock lights up Lueneburg. Pics from the Kathie Olivas/Brandt […]

Preview: Oliver Vernon @ David B Smith Gallery

Our friend Oliver Vernon is set to open a new group of works at Denver’s David B Smith Gallery. This latest series of works takes the viewer on another psychedelic journey through Oli’s various abstract dimensions, colors and shapes. Some last minute notice on our part, but a definite must see as the show opens tonight. Check out our preview of this rad show after the jump.

Preview: Ian Francis – “Exodus” @ Lazarides Rathbone Place

It’s almost time for Ian Francis (featured) to unveil his latest show “Exodus” this week at London’s Lazarides (Rathbone Place). To say that we are looking forward to the show is an understatement. From what we’ve seen so far, the show looks to be very strong as his dream weaving style touches on pop references with subjects like reporters, ghosts, opera houses, and even Macy’s. Ian also has more surprises for this show that we’ll reveal to you with our opening night coverage. For now check […]

Streets: David Choe in LA

Looks like David Choe (featured) has been plastering the streets of Los Angeles in preparation for his solo show (teased) in the City of Angels at the end of April. “Nothing to Declare” will be put on by Lazarides in Beverly Hills in a special space and rumors are Choe’s show won’t be the only show hosted in that location before all is said and done. The AM crew will definitely be out in force for this one so look for more coverage to follow.  […]

Preview: Hush & Opus Gallery @ Scope NYC

Armory Week is just around the corner and we have a little peek of what’s coming for the Scope Art Fair in NYC. Hush (interviewed) will be premiering a new Geisha painting with Opus Art and it looks rad. Usually we see him utilizing a manga-esque girl, but this time Hush switches it up with a more realistic approach to his signature style. More after the jump.

Preview: Martin Wittfooth – “Tempest” @ Copro Gallery

New York artist Martin Wittfooth’s show “Tempest” is set to open this Saturday night, February 14th in Santa Monica at the Copro Gallery. Known for his vivid paintings of animals, often at their most primal moments, among the rusted and crumbling remnants of human society, Wittfooth will be bringing a new body of work, including sculptures. We love his palette and choice of color – see for yourself first hand this weekend if you are in the area. Wittfooth will be showing alongside Chris Ryniak. […]

Openings: Eric Haze – “New Abstracts and Icons” @ Level 2 Gallery

Last night, AM attended the VIP opening of Eric Haze’s latest solo “New Abstracts and Icons” in Manhattan’s Level 2 Gallery. With DJ A Trak and Jay-Z’s DJ Neil Armstong working the turntables, many patrons of NYC’s art community and fashionistas came out to pay respect to an artist that has rocked the NYC scene for over three decades. Notables such as Kaws, Jose Parla, Logan Hicks, Charming Baker and many more were in attendance. The legendary New York artist came with a fresh new series […]

Openings: “14 Artists” – New Image Art Gallery

Always one to be on the cutting edge of art, New Image Art Gallery opened their “14 Artists” show last Friday night.  The group show was a result of studio visits and correspondence with, you guessed it, 14 different artists.  It featured works on all different mediums, from Judith Supine’s signature green, purple, and pink collages on canvas to the Date Farmers’ found materials and drawings, to sculpture, such as Dennis McNetts’s “Wolfbat.”  The show included street artists such as Skullphone (who wheatpasted near the […]