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Openings: Sylvia Ji – “Nectar” @ StolenSpace

London got a treat last night in the form of Los Angeles based artist Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) debut UK solo show entitled “Nectar” at StolenSpace gallery (previewed). AM UK has been a long time fan of Sylvia’s work and were delighted to finally get to see it in person after years of admiring jpegs of her beautiful Catrinas. Sylvia was in town to celebrate the opening along with the StolenSpace crew and Corey Helford Gallery’s UK transplant Richard Scarry. See all of the opening pictures […]

Preview: Sylvia Ji – “Nectar” @ StolenSpace

Recently we teased you with a shot from Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) studio for her upcoming show “Nectar” at StolenSpace. Now, we bring you a closer look as her UK debut on September 3rd draws near. As the title of the show implies, “Nectar” focuses more on the sublime expressions of lust and love. The color palette seems lighter and will use more gold leaf detailing much like the Baroque-style artwork that we observed from her last show – Haute Epoch. If you’re in London, be sure to stop […]

Openings: “Summer Group Show” @ StolenSpace

StolenSpace shows always attract a good crowd and last week’s opening of their annual “Summer Group Show” was no exception. London was basking in a serious heatwave last week and the ice cold Tiger Beer was a welcome relief from the heat for the AM contingent attending the show. Read on for more pictures and details about the work from the show after the jump.

Releases: Hand Finished Prints by Chloe Early @ StolenSpace Summer Group show

StolenSpace opens it’s annual Summer Group show this coming Thursday with an international list of exhibiting artists as long as your arm!  StolenSpace artists past, present and future – Alex Thornton, Sylvia Ji, Mike Leavitt (interviewed), Mr Jago, Pete Fowler, Ronzo, Kris Kuksi, Kai & Sunny, Shepard Fairey, Kristy Whiten, Will Barras, Chloe Early, Brad Downey, Charles Krafft, Jaybo, d*face, Dan Witz, David Bray, Word to Mother, Miss Van, Doze Green, Jacob Knill, Mudwig, Mysterious Al, Joshua Petker and Hellovon all are showing work at the […]

Streets: Jeff Soto in London (Part 2)

As part of our continuing coverage of Jeff Soto in London, AM went to check out what Jeff was up to on the day of his opening at StolenSpace where we found him in nearby Corbet Place putting up his second piece on the streets. He’d started off blocking the piece out the day before and we were there to capture a few images of the work as it went up. Take a look at all of the pictures of this plus three more unseen […]

Openings: Jeff Soto – “Inland Empire” @ StolenSpace

Jeff Soto (interviewed) opened his UK solo show to a packed house at StolenSpace yesterday. Soto’s arrival in London had certainly stirred up lots of fans eager to meet him and see his work in person for the first time. AM was on hand to take some shots and spoke to people who had traveled from all across the UK to be there. They were rewarded with a strong, cohesive set of paintings, ranging from small to huge in size, with the largest measuring 5′ […]

Streets: Jeff Soto in London (Part 1)

AM spent some more time with Jeff Soto (interviewed) as he was preparing for his upcoming solo at StolenSpace (previewed) this week. We were on hand to take pictures of the first of his street pieces in London. Soto was a graffiti writer back in the day around the Los Angeles and Riverside area before he concentrated on his endeavors in the studio and hadn’t taken to the streets in almost 10 years. Based on the quality of this piece, we certainly think he should get […]

Preview/Interviews: Jeff Soto – “The Inland Empire” @ Stolenspace (London)

Jeff Soto makes his United Kingdom debut this week with his solo show entitled “The Inland Empire” (teased) opening Thursday, May 14th, at Stolenspace. AM caught up with Soto ahead of the show to try and understand how the show came together, the symbolism and meaning behind his new work and how fatherhood has changed his career as an artist. Read the entire interview and see some sneak peeks of the work after the jump. Note: The interview contains use of strong language.