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Preview/Setup: Dennis McNett – “Year Of The Wolfbat” @ Thinkspace Gallery

New York City’s Dennis McNett, who teaches printmaking at the Pratt Institute, is in Los Angeles to present “Year of the Wolfbat” at Thinkspace Gallery, a special two-day show opening tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th from 7-11PM. AM dropped by the gallery while the work was going up and got a good look at the complex imagery, insane animals and patterns that make up his work. Dennis is going all out for this show, taking over the entire gallery space and filling it with pieces presented […]

Openings: Sarah Joncas – “Beneath The Seams” & Kelly Vivanco – “The Conservatory” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM was on hand at the opening of two great shows at Thinkspace Gallery last week, “Beneath The Seams” from Sarah Joncas and Kelly Vivanco’s “The Conservatory.” Fans thoroughly enjoyed each artists’ unique approach towards their portraiture pieces and they also had a great time chatting with Joncas and Vivanco, both of whom were on hand at the opening. See all the photos and work from the show after the jump…

Preview: Sarah Joncas – “Beneath The Seams” & Kelly Vivanco – “The Conservatory” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM is excited about the two shows opening tomorrow, June 12th, at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, which include “Beneath The Seams” from Sarah Joncas and in the gallery’s project room, Kelly Vivanco’s “The Conservatory.” We’ve been fans of Sarah’s work ever since she hit the scene a couple of years ago. With a somewhat muted color palette, pieces with dark and moody overtones and her injection of herself in each of her pieces through painting characters resembling her own likeness, Joncas takes a unique […]

ARTWALK Culver City: Thinkspace Gallery

Last weekend, Culver City hosted their ARTWALK 2009 event with over thirty galleries throughout the area participating. Thinkspace Gallery, located in the Silver Lake district, got in on the action as well, opening a one day pop-up gallery on Washington Blvd. Fans packed the rear gallery area throughout the day to see the live-painting demonstration by Asylm, Anthony Clarkson, Mear One, Michael Alvarez, Michael Pukac, Nathan DeYoung and Zoso. The show itself featured work from Ekundayo, Allison Sommers, ARMSROCK, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros, Camilla d’Errico, Fafi, […]

Openings: Allison Sommers – “A Brief History” & Joao Ruas – “Inner Myth” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Whoever coined the phrase “beauty is in the details” certainly knew what they were talking about. The two bodies of work currently being shown at Thinkspace Gallery, “A Brief History” by Allison Sommers (interviewed) and Joao Ruas’ “Inner Myth” certainly live up to this age-old saying. AM thoroughly enjoyed Sommers’ whimsical world and the intricately painted creatures that inhabit it and we were equally impressed with Fables cover artist Ruas’ mythology-inspired pieces. Get a detailed look at the work and see the rest of the photos […]

Preview: Cherri Wood – “trouble, clearly” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM has long enjoyed the mixed-media watercolor and ink studies of Minnesota based artist Cherri Wood. We are excited about her latest series of works entitled “trouble, clearly” opening tomorrow, April 10th in the project room at Thinkspace Gallery. In an interview with our friends at Sour Harvest, Wood describes her illustrations as “exploring various themes such as idiosyncrasies, isolation, humiliation, and memory. Haunting figures almost coming out of ghost-films appear in ambiguous space in each of my illustrations.” This latest series is her best […]

Preview: Brandi Milne – “Run Rabbit, Run” @ Thinkspace Gallery

AM met up with Brandi Milne this past weekend and got a chance to see what she has in store for her new exhibition “Run Rabbit, Run” which opens this Friday, April 10th from 7-11PM at Thinkspace Gallery. As always, you can expect to see a creative body of work from Brandi. There will also be a special installation made up of a collection of hand painted antique books. As an added surprise, Brandi is going to have an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ during her opening reception. […]